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pain during drinking alcohol (only alchol) what is it?

im 17 years old and have drank alcohol frequently during parties nights out and so on, i dont or am not addicted and dont drink excessively frequently maybe getting drunk once a week or every two weeks depending on what the drinking occassion is.

ive never had problems with drinking but for the last few months ive been experiencing a pain about an inch below my sternum in my stomach or upper abdomen, its an intense aching pain which decreases in pain when i lean over. the pain can come on after 10 pints 5 pints 1 pint or 1 shot or 1 mouth ful of whatever never had the problem before, does anyone know what it is, would be much apreciated. thank you
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Oh Carl, I want to encourage you to stop drinking, now. You pain is an indication that your stomach is reacting negatively to the alcohol. Your young stomach is trying to tell you something, like dude you may be developing an ulcer.

I am sorry it is hurting but unlike many of us here that can't stop the pain, you can. Just don't drink. I would also encourage you to see your physician for a GI (gastrointestinal)work up to determine if you have developed and ulcer or gastritis.

I won't go into the problems you face with alcohol if you continue your weekly drinking. You sound like an intelligent young man and I'm sure you know the dangers. When we are 17 we think we are invincible, you're not. So be cautious with what you do to your body.

Let us know how your physicians appt. goes. Take Care, Tuck
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I agree with Tuck! You need to have tests run and perhaps an endoscopy as well. It sounds allot like my hiatal hernia.. but, without tests... you wont find this out.
You do really need to stop drinking at least until the tests are completed.
The problems drinking causes is a mile long. You need to get a diagnosis.
Do your parents still have healthcare for you? Maybe you should have it done soon before you turn 18 and may no longer fall in the guidelines. I don't know how this is set up of course... you will need to discuss this with your family. Don't wait!
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Hi. I encourage you to stop drinking now. The pain is telling you that something is wrong. Have you given any thought to your liver? You only have one and it would be a shame to damage it. I would also ncourage you to talk with your parents or the Doctor.

I have a damaged liver and every day I worry about my health. I have alot of living to do.
You are too young to have to worry about your health. You have your health now, please don't ruin it for yourself.

I care so much about young people! Stop drinking for you!

As for the pain, it could be alot of things but does sound  Gastrointestinal.

Good luck in the future and take good care of your body.   Mollyrae
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thanks to all of you, i wouldnt say im ruining my body as idont over drink only a few times a month maybe not even that, but thank you, i wil lget a doctors apoinment , thanks again
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I hope you did not mis-understand me, I did not mean to imply that you are ruining your body. I just don't want you to get to that point. I know teenagers like to have fun at the partys but do it n moderation...Take care, Mollyrae
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Over drinking even once can cause serious complications and side effects.
I fear you see your drinking as a social issue and believe your invincible as Tuckamore said. Please re -read your last post.

Excessive drinking over a long period of time creates medical, psychological, and social problems. The amount and frequency of the drinking and the general health of the alcoholic affect the degree to which complications develop.

Advertising Disclaimer

Chronic alcohol abuse and dependence can damage all organ systems, including:

Blood forming
Easy bruising
Abnormal heart beat
Heart failure
High blood pressure
Increased heart rate
Esophageal varices
Inflammation and/or cancer of the esophagus
Increased risk of infectious diseases (e.g., tuberculosis)
Liver damage, hepatitis, liver cancer
Low blood sugar
Pancreatic cancer
Coordination difficulties
Loss of coordination
Nerve damage
Short-term memory problems
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
Visual difficulties

Some neurological complications are related to vitamin deficiencies. Blackouts, the inability to recall events that occurred while drinking, are common. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, or permanent short-term memory loss, is a rare but possible result of severe vitamin B deficiency caused by chronic alcoholism.

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol during pregnancy may result in fetal alcohol syndrome (i.e., low birth weight, short length, small head size, mental retardation, and damage to muscles, including the heart).

Advertising Disclaimer
Upwards of 44% of alcoholics have mental health disorders that were present before alcohol dependence. Mood disorders are the exception; it is common for alcoholics to develop mood disorders such as major depression after onset of dependence. Studies show a strong association between alcoholism and depression, and 25% of suicides involve alcohol.

Alcoholism causes suffering in relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. Alcoholics have a higher rate of divorce and separation and of engaging in domestic violence and other types of violent and aggressive behavior. Missed work, poor job performance, and in some cases, on-the-job accidents are common. Legal problems are also common, such as citations for driving under the influence and/or traffic accidents.

Most disturbing, alcohol use kills. Estimates are as high as 150,000 deaths each year from alcohol use. According to the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV, more than one-half of all murderers and their victims are believed to have been intoxicated at the time of the murder. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 1997, over 16,000 fatalities from traffic accidents were attributed to drunk driving. There are also a number of alcohol-related deaths from acute alcohol poisoning and accidents, which are reported on college campuses with increasing frequency.

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Hey Carl,

Please don't let us scare you away from MedHelp. None of us are trying to judge you or lecture you. I'm sure it seems that way at 17. I certainly had a few now and again at 17 and I'm sure many other members did also. But most likely not as often as you and I didn't have the symptoms that you are having. And at your age it is illegal to consume alcohol at least in the USA.

I know what peer pressure is like. And hey it's fun to have a few. I may be older but I am not dead and I clearly remember the fun I had with my friends and a couple drinks. Just please be careful. I don't think your an alcoholic but you could be headed down that path if you are not careful. It is a disease that is very difficult to control. None of us what you to be afflicted with it. And please don't drive when you drink. But I am sure you are smarter than that.

So please let me know what your doc has to say about your stomach issues. I am concerned for your tummy. Be safe and take care of yourself, Tuck
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I agree Tuckmore, I do not want to scare anyone away and come off as being judgmental. We have all been there 17 and full of life and feeling invincible but keep in mind that every action has a reaction.
If I could go back and change some of the decisions I made at 17 I definitely would.
Carl442, please be careful and ALWAYS think twice about your decision to drink and keep in mind it does effect you. I want you to be safe and healthy and have fun but keep the fun at safe levels:)
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