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pain fentalin oxicodon pain med

hi all i after beein in pain since 1990 glad to find this usfull and read ur comment on pain med this my story of my life leving with pain
starter 1990 on neck operaion removing 2 disk on my neck ofter that pin on hands back neck fingers toe just name it
sat morning i put fentanyl transdermal system 100 mcg/hr for 72 hours
around 11  no change in pain and getting worth if i say 10 belive me i tok one oxy 30 mg i waite around 12 i took norco 10/325 after 20 30 min it star to go down the same tyme i chek blood presure and make sure does not get to over dose until around 6 in the afternoon pain strt to come back with i rate then i put compund cream made for me from farmecy
1-fluriprofeen %25    no change
2-am-dm-tram-td      no change
flur %25-dicl 10 %    no change
around   9 pm pain was out of control i took theramineamino acid 2 capsules then on norco  remember still i had fentanyl patch on my sholder area
since 8 in the morning  
around 2 am starting feel beter and slept until maybe 6 am the pain came back and im doning the same thing like yesterday why the patch has no efect on me?
thanks so much for any help or input
best regards

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Sorry Pain,

I think you are saying that you posted a comment to me, with more explanation some where else? I've looked and thus far I can't locate it

I'll keep searching and look forward to hearing from you upon your return from San Fran.

I hope your pain is decreasing and that the Fentanyl Patch is effective.

Take Good Care,
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hi and thanks so much
20 min go i post not and explain evry thing
and then i click onpost a coment and i saw it onder your post
it is 2 am and if you could not find it i explain tomorrow i hav flight going san fransisco be back next week haveengoy the weekend see u then
have fun tanks again

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Hello and Welcome,

I am sorry to learn about your unrelenting pain. I caution you to be careful about the additional opiates you are taking with Fentanyl Transdermal Patch.. Be sure you take only what your physician has prescribed. Fentanyl is a very potent opiate.

That said, it may take up to 24 hours before the Fentanyl Patch is fully effective. If I am reading your post correctly you reached that 24 hours on Sunday morning at 11AM. It may be just taking a bit longer to be effective.

I assume you read the directions well and your skin was clean and dry where you applied the patch. Where did you place it?

I have been prescribed the Fentanyl Patch in the past. Due to allergy issues I couldn't continue it so I have little personal experience. My dose was much lower than yours but I did not note any pain decrease while wearing it. That was thought to be due to the low dose however that wouldn't seem to be the case with you. 100mcg is not a low dose.

I won't quote all the facts on Fentanyl that are available in the literate you received with the medication. I will encourage you to contact your prescribing physician. Tell him/her what you have told us. He/she will have the best answers for you. It is possible you may require an adjustment in the dosage.

Don't give up on Fentanyl yet, it's early. Our systems are all different and yours may just be requiring a bit more time. I do admit it should be effective after 24 hours by all accounts. Please contact your physician.

Please keep us posted and tell us how you are doing. I'll look forward to your responses and updates.

Best of Luck to You,
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