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can someone please help me? Ive been in pain for a good 10yrs. Ive been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, deteriorating discs and bulging discs(3). three years ago I went to pain management and was put on opiods. Last year, I could not afford the 120 dollar payment for visit and could not go back. when I quit going, I had put myself in a detox for fear of dying. This past month I went back to my doctor and was told I could not be put on my meds because I had gone into a detox. I tried to tell them that I was scared and felt I had no choice? Why are they doing this? what can I do? mylife is complete hell, please help!
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Have you tried to talk to the counselor's at the detox center you were at and sign a release of confidential information and ask them if they can talk to your doctor.  I am not sure what kind of records are kept while in detox but, my guess is that when you signed up for detox you must have told someone the reason why you wanted to enter detox.  And than maybe the detox center could talk to your doctor and explain to them the reason you were in detox and maybe that could help your case.  

also - have you just tried to seek another doctor and explain the situation to them?  You may have to go to quite a few appointments with various doctors until you  find one that will help you and not have a problem with the detox issue.  however, i can see both your side and the doctor's side of the situation.  I would suggest searching until you find a doctor that will help you.
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I can't see the pain management doctor with holding treatment because you had to detox due to financial difficulties. had you discussed this with the doctor prior to going to detox?
I would find a new PM doctor and explain the situation.
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This infuriates me. It is another example of the false dichotomy that there are only addicts and non-addicts taking medication for pain. You should be able to detox for any of a number of good reasons without being permanently disqualified from taking opiates for pain. But as long as we have this model this is what's going to happen to people. Please don't give up. Find the person that will listen to reason. PM clinics are supposed to have behavioral health professionals on staff, that might be a possibility. Good luck.
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Try a different doc. If there is one taking a new chronic pain patient ask them if you can sign a pain contract. In addition you should only need to be seen every 3 months for a medication follow up.  As them if there is any chance of a reduced fee based on your finances.  If you did not speak with the first doctor about this prior to going to detox that should have been something you did.  I am really sorry this is happening to you.  It all seems like such a crazy mess. You did the right thing, you couldn't afford the meds, you mostly would not have been able to detox on your own so you went to detox and now you can't get help.  But do try another doctor and explain what is going on. In the mean time go to a hospital ER that accepts charity cases.  I don't mean to suggest you are a charity case but if you cannot afford it they will write it off or have you pay what you can.  Perhaps they will prescribe some pain meds for a period of time until you can get to a new doctor.  Please keep in touch and take care.
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