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pain management

Will I ever go a day without pain with pain management. So far since Jan 2010 I've had 40 shots and still so much pain. Tried to go off my pain meds. Still in so much pain any suggestions.
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Hi amy,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum! We're so glad that you have found this Forum. Iwant you to understand that there are NO Doctors on this Forum. There are only  CP(Chronic Pain) Patients that share our knowledge with each other.

I'm very sorry that you are having your pain. What tpe of pain do you have? What is your diagnosis? That would help us have some idea what you are dealing with. What pain meds were you on? All of this information is necessary if we can help you with some ideas.

The PM Dr.'s will normally warn you that the pills and procedures won't take away 100% of your pain. The most that we can usually expect is to keep our pain controlled so that we can live a normal life. I'm happy with that as I NEVER want to feel the HORRIFIC pain that I used to feel before I had my PM Dr.

I'll be looking for you updates. Thanks....Sherry

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Welcome to The pain management forum. The people on here are really great and have helped me so much.
Alittle more info on your pain would be alot of help. We all live on pain meds and can't go without them or we will be in alot of pain. When I am not on my meds I am in pain and can't enjoy my life my kids or my husband. The pain meds get me thru the day so I can get out and do stuff and take care of my family. Diabetics need shots to live, people with high blood pressure needs meds to keep it down, we are no different we have health problems that we have to treat with pain meds.
Alot of the people on this board go thru "Im sick of taking so many meds I want off my meds" it is very normal. Let us know more about you so we can try to help you thru this.
Hang in there
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I'd like to welcome you here as well. As the others have stated, a few more details would help us give you some advice.  

But just generally speaking,  a pain management doctor will try to get you as comfortable as is possible.  And try to make sure you can function throughout the day. Now your doctor may not be able to totally rid you of pain.  Mine can't and most of us here do live in some pain on a day to day basis.  Your doctor should get you to a point where you can function above a minimal level.  You won't be able to do what you used to do but you should be able to care for yourself.  ie bathe, dress, light housework, small shopping trip.  But don't ever expect to run a marathon again.

If you wouldn't mind providing a few details, I'm sure someone can give you a much better answer than I.
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Another one to say welcome.  I've found this forum and the people on it to help me tremendously with both information and accepting things.  I was still trying to find "the cure," the medication or procedure that was going to get rid of my pain.  Somehow I neglected to really pay attention to the words "pain management."  I think my expectations were too high.  The idea of pain management is to get you to be able to function and to help the pain.

I think a lot of us on here continue to struggle with pain and finding the right combinations of medications and procedures to help manage it.  I think for most of us it's a roller coaster and maybe always will be.  Most people seem to have good days and bad days and flare-ups where we're nearly going crazy.  Then we have a better day or week or maybe if we're lucky a "remission" of sorts.

I think if it wasn't for this forum I'd be far worse.  It's helped me with so many things.  Guilt.  I had tremendous guilt over not being the mom I was before.  Depression.  An ongoing battle for me.  

I hope you'll find this forum to be helpful to you.  
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Hi Amyt,

I am so glad that you found us at MedHelp. Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am glad that you found us and took the time to post. However I am so very sorry that you have been in pain all of this year. We know and can empathize with the frustration that chronic pain brings into our lives. We all often ask, Will this ever end.

The answer to that question is different for each of us. I assume your question is actually a rhetorical one.

May I ask what is the source of your chronic pain? You stated that you have had many injections. Can I assume that you are referring to steroid spinal injections?

For myself and many of us our lives journey will be through chronic pain. Learning how to accept that fact, changing our lifestyles and adjust to life-long pain management and medications can be very challenging. It is often filled with frustrations and to some degree, disappointments.

A key factor for chronic pain patients is locating a physician that you confidence in and makes you feel comfortable. One that will work with you to find that right combination of medications and correct dosage to best control and manage your pain and symptoms.

Pain management can be difficult but it is far from impossible. As Mellie said often and especially initially our expectations are too high. We want to be returned to pre-chronic pain condition. We all want to be pain free and function as we once did. For most of us that is not a reachable or realistic goal. There are no magic pills as you may have discovered.

My physicians tells me that some of her patients, if not most are looking for that magic pill. They cannot accept that the best we can hope for is that word "management." Even on a good day I have pain; pain that restricts me or prevents me from doing the things I use to do. I was in denial and even angry for many years and refused to accept that I would never return to pre-injury condition. To some degree you can use that to your advantage, if it keeps you trying and refusing to give up or give in. Anger and denial are part of the stages of grieving that chronic pain patients experience.

As I said it took me years to get to the final stage of grieving which is acceptance. MedHelp, namely the PM Forum  has been very instrumental in this process. I know this may sound corny but with acceptance comes peace.

If you do not have a good Pain Mangement Physician I encourage you to find one. Be assertive and take control of your pain managment needs. You should be comfortable enough most days to perform general daily tasks and participate in some activities that bring you joy and/or pleasure. If you are not your pain is not well managed. In my state (Wisconsin) it is our PCPs that follow, prescribed for and treat their chronic pain patients In many other states that only occurs through a PMP.  

I hope you will consider being an active member of our community. I have found great support and information here and I am confident that you will also. Still today I can read a post and think to myself, "Gee, I could have written that one." It's because we get it. We understand because we have been there and/or are there.

Please feel free to share more information with us. We'll be better able to offer our suggestions. I will look forward to hearing from you again soon.

All the Best and Please Take Care,
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I am a 65yr female diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 4 years ago.  My Dr. will only give me Tramacet for pain and 'suggests' that I smoke pot to help the hellish pain.  Well...the Tramacet doesn't even touch the pain & I really do NOT think that a person with COPD should be smoking pot!!  I have found a kind of vaporizer on the net to use for the pot..but it's terrible expensive for a senior on a fixed income.  My days are filled with wretched pain and many many naps...which leaves it impossible for me to tackle even the simplest of tasks.  Having a shower would be an ultimate pleasure-if only I wasn't so dizzy/disorientated and dealing with the Fibro Fog.
My family (long grown up) avoid me like the plague as they just cannot understand what's going on with me.  I've sent them many links to read about FM and watch video's on the subject...to no avail.  Probably because 'mom' was always so active and 'with it'.
A childhood friend of mine committed suicide 4 months ago because she could no longer cope with the hellish pain & 'lack of a life'.

Last week when I saw my Dr.and asked for something better to help me cope..he said::'I don't know what else to suggest..you will just have to learn to live with the pain, fog, dizzy spells, etc...
Right now, I am SO depressed and filled with anxiety.
I'm so sorry to ramble on and on like this...maybe it will help just 'typing' how I feel.  Hopefully there is someone here in this forum that will suggest something I can do or take or ...... ?
I am Canadian & have found that Dr.'s really don't want patients with Fibromyalgia.  Either they don't know what to do with us or perhaps we take up too much of their time.  
OK...I'll stop my rambling now.  Sorry.
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What I have seen on tv about the medical marijuana is that it doesnt have to be smoked. IIRC it can be added to desserts like brownies and cookies.
I also want to say that a pill form was mentioned.This was several months back and my memory is not what it used to be. If it were legal here I would give it a try. My take on fibro is that some drs were never taught anything
about it therefore, it doesnt exist.
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Thank you for the suggestion of adding that 'extra ingredient'
to cookies etc.  After reading your comment-I found some
good recipes on line for this.  
I also found the pill I think you might be thinking of....
There is Marinol, Cesamet & Nucynta....ALL very
expensive according to my Pharmacist.

So...am thinking I will be trying some 'baking'.
Thank you
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FYI...but this particular thread is almost 2 years old...So you could copy and paste your two posts and start your own thread that would get more feedback and suggestions from the folks here...

I am assuming that Marijuana is legal in Canada? If so...can you ask your Dr. for a prescription for the pill form? It seems like he would be ok with this as he suggested this for you in the other form...

Also...Nucynta is NOT marijuana in pill form....(It is the brand name for Tapentandol)....

I see that you are going to buy the regular kind and bake with it...Again...just make sure it is completely legal and you tell your Dr. that you have done this as you would not want any type of drug test and be kicked out due to using this...
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There are medical marijuana pills that are called "Canna Caps".  Google it and their website will pop up.  The pills are made in Colorado.  They have many different types that have variable levels of THC in it.  The ones that I liked the best were the "Pain Away" Canna Caps.  They have CBD in them which is a byproduct of MMJ that isn't very psychoactive (i.e., doesn't make you feel "high") and helps with the pain as it has muscle relaxer and anti-inflammatory properties.  Also, some of the other types of Canna Caps come with Valerian Root in it which is a natural tranquilizer and can help you sleep.  For the brownies and other baked goods, you need to get a recipe for Canna Butter.  Search for it on Google. You substitute regular oil or plain butter with Canna Butter that is infused with MMJ.

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