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pain med question

I have a question about other pain meds.  My pain doctor has me on 20mg oxycodone twice a day and up to 6-10/325 norco a day, prior to the oxycodone he had me on 15mg oxycontin twice a day.  I am not getting any pain relief from the oxycontin or oxycodone, the norco does give me some pain relief, but am limited to 6 a day as to not damage my liver.  What other long acting pain meds are out there???  I have an appointment to see my pain doctor next week, but would like to have some additional info when I go in to see him.  


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I'm sorry to hear that your pain meds are not working for you.To some,20 mg Oxycontin may seem a sufficient dose.I am currently on 60 mg 3 times per day with 30 mg Oxycodone 3 times per day for breakthrough.I also have 4 mg Dilaudid and 200 mg Actiq pops for severe episodes.Oxycontin is a wonderful long term drug but the most important thing is to get the dosage correct.We build up a tolerance to the meds and the doctors must allow for that.Norco has absolutely no affect on my pain level.If I am going to go through the aggravation of jumping through all the DEAs hoops to try and maintain some quality of life,darn if I'm going to still suffer.I wish you luck and in my opinion,your dosage just needs adjusted.
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Hi. im on the fentanyl patch and i think it works good and dont give me the realy druged up feeling like a lot of pills. For B/T pain i take norco 10/325 2x3 or 4 a day.
But a lot of people dont like it or cant use it it is only  for people that are opiate tolerant
just in my opinion it works grate i have been on norco for about 1/2 a yr and it dose not work as good as it did before

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