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pain meds not helping what to do?

I cracked a rib a few days ago, and have been given the run around when I went to the hospital after my ribs turned purple/ black. the doctor said nothing was wrong! I went back not long ago, yesterday, I have a cracked rib and was given some pain medication and anti-inflammatory.
This stuff is NOT helping me very much and I can't take much more of this, I fear going back to hospital, I fear them saying that I am "drug seeking"
I just want opinions on whether I should chance going back, I was told ribs that have been bruised badly or broken are extremely painful. I will lose my mind if i don't get to sleep soon
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Unfortunately, there is no cure for lots of types of pain.  You should try yoga type visualization and breathing to remove yourself from the pain.  Just give it time and realize you are lucky that they will heal in time and it's not permanent.  Consider it character building.  Everybody has to deal with pain now and then.  You can do it.  I worked with a surgeon who cracked ribs playing golf, and he still showed up to work and stood and did surgery, just like always.  Nobody had a magic cure for him.  
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There is no treatment for a simple cracked rib except immobilization. Besides the legal aspect physicians are reluctant to prescribe opiates because they can affect respiration. When I cracked my rib I was in intense pain for a month and the pain tapered but lasted a full year before complete resolution.
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