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pain meds

I got a certified letter saying my doc can No longer see me and No reason why and I am on high dose of narcotics...can he Do that without any notice I live in Az and dont know the laws please help
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Unfortunately, he has the right to do so.
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Hi,  they can do whatever they want to.  2 weeks ago, my dr was fired and I was left with no way to get my pain meds.  I was on fentanyl 75mcg, every 48hrs. and Percocet 10 4x daily.  Thought I was gonna go crazy trying to find another dr.  Now, I'm 10 days off those meds and I feel better than I have in years!  

I've had 3 back surgeries and take mostly ibuprofen now and ultram every now n then, but its like baby aspirin,  lol.  Also was prescibed Clonidine to help with withdrawl.  Why ru on pain meds and what are your plans?
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Hello there,

I just read your comments. I don't know if this would work, but here's my
suggestion. I would go to your pharmacy where your have been handing
in your prescriptions and getting your pain medication. Perhaps you can
ask the pharmacy for an itemized list of the pain medication you were
prescribed by this doctor who is no longer seeing you. Okay. Once you
have this list of pain meds from the pharmacy, perhaps you can go to
an after hours clinic, see a doctor there, explain the situation. Perhaps
that doctor at the after hours clinic can write you a prescription for the
pain meds you need. As far as I know, you can't just stop a narcotic
cold turkey. Alternatively, you could talk to your friends, ask them who
their doctor is and make an appointment to see one of their doctors.
My mom needs to take a narcotic too for her chronic back pain. She
would be beside herself it suddenly her doctor told her I can't prescribe
you any more pain medication. I hope something I've said you find
helpful. Evewisewoman. Eve :)
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I suggest always keeping a stash in case you have to detox your self....along w/ like clonipin, Temazapam, and Mirapex, to get you through it. But he cut you off cold turkey? Did you go to the ER or your P-Doc? That's cold!
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How are you doing today? I see these seem to be post from several months ago. I'd like to know what is happening today. I hope you are alright.
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