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pain on the left side of the face

It began with a toothache o the left upper jaw. After one day, the left side of my face began paining.The left nostril as well. what could be the cause of these pains?
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You may have an abcess tooth as this will cause the pain to
go all over the face and ear area too.
Please forgive the short reply as I am on my iPhone and not
good with it at all;)
If it is an abcess tooth you need antibiotics asap.
It can spread and this is not something you want to happen.
The infectioncan spread thru the bloob stream.
Your local ER will give you some until you can see your Dentist.
I hope your feeling better soon!
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Sandee is right and you need to be seen.  Otherwise, it will get much worse very quickly..  Good luck and I hope you are okay.  
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I agree with the other two comments.  An abscess can cause pain through your entire mouth, near the ear, eye, etc.  Sometimes the pain is so bad overall that you can't even tell which tooth is bothering you.  You would definitely need antibiotics to clear the infection and then take care of the problem itself.  If you can't get in to see your dentist on an emergency basis, the ER will give you something to help until you can get into the dentist.

Good luck.  An abscessed tooth is no fun at all.  
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I agree you need to be seen by a dentist, and if you can't wait til Monday maybe you can go to the ER and have them look at you. most of them are trained in dental too cause they get alot of people coming in after hours or on the weekends cause they are having tooth pain.
Hang in there
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