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HI .. i am rose angel ,age 21 years ... from last month or more than that i have been feeling burning sensation in the upper left quadrant , epigastrium , in axilla  and pain in left shoulder , spine of scapula , in left arm ! My resting pulse rate is more than 100 .. it ranges between 100 to 125 .. My systolic pressure in normal and diasolic pressur is incresed above 80 ! and sometimes having fever sometime not also having headache mostly all the time and also suffering from insomia ..is any diagnosis ? plz help me
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Hi there,
Pain in the upper left quadrant, back and left shoulder most likely originates in the chest or abdomen. The most common causes of pain in the back if occurring after meals are from gallbladder disease, heartburn or gastro esophageal reflux disease. These conditions cause pain, burning and discomfort in the chest that can radiate to the back and shoulder blades. Fever is the body’s defense mechanism against any infection in the body. Headaches and insomnia could be due to stress, anxiety or depression. Get yourself evaluated by a physician. A complete clinical examination and investigations like CBC, ultrasound abdomen may help. Keep us updated.
Best of luck and regards!
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pain usualy do not occur after meal , as usual pain dets litl bit worst at night ,usually kept on feeling palpations any i hav gone through CBC , reports are normal
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