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scar tissue pain

hi   I was wondering if any can help me find relief for severe pain from scar tissue.  6 years ago i had surgery to remove fnh tumors from the liver.  I have a scar from the breast bone down on right and left side about 10" long.  There are 4 areas that are givibg me a lot of pain.  I have tried every pain killer drug that there is but none have helped.  I had injections done but that made it much worse.  Thanks for any help you can give me.  taffeyee
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Hi- below is a cut and paste of a message from Mary53 posted on the Medhelp Ovarian Cancer Support forum regarding scar tissue/adhesions.  I have not tried this but she and many others on this site swear by this.  After reading it, if you have any questions, I'd recommend you post them on the Ovarian Cancer Support site and ask Mary53 directly.  She is VERY helpul.  Hope you find some relief.  Rachael

This is Mary's message:

Of course, to anyone interested in this and if you are not sure about cyst status, etc, check with your doctor before trying this. It is an aggressive type of massage.
Here is the information on body rolling.

A bit of background info first....
This worked for me. My kind and generous weight training teacher offered to teach it to me when I told her that I had to leave class one day (this was back in 2002)since I was in so much pain from surgical adhesions. These had been discovered during a colonoscopy so I knew what was going on.The adhesions were collapsing my colon and causing so much pain, also causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The colonoscopy had actually broken things up for me a bit..stretched and snapped them, and I got some relief, but it was very painful going through that and they were reforming again anyway.

My instructor was learning how to teach bodyrolling and had just been to a weekend-long workshop when she helped me. She was interested in teaching this to the aging population saying that doing this type of massage broke up the adhesions that occur naturally in our body.

She said that it is as if some of our insides "glue together" and that this releases much of the gluing because of all the blood, thus oxygen, it brings to the area. It seems to break up the adhesions and it worked for me. She intended to teach elderly people because the "gluing" is so bad as we age if we don't treat it. I figured that if it worked for adhesions that formed naturally in our body, it should work for surgical adhesions.

It is truely amazing. I noticed a HUGE difference immediately. When I sat up after the fist time I did this (about a 15 min. session) I could feel a "FLOOD" or a Rush of blood or something! going to that area. After having pain about 40 times an HOUR for over a year and a half after my surgery, my pain decreased to only about 10 times a DAY for a few seconds at a time. I did this procedure again about a week after the first one and that gave me even more relief. I think it was about four months til I had to do it again. Now I do it about once a year, if that. I have been virtually pain free, ,aside from a dull ache now and then, from adhesions since learning this technique.

The idea is you want to get the blood to the bone, not just the muscle....so it floods the tendons and gets lots of oxegyn there to start healing and breaking up the adhesions.

**My instructor told me to think of a steak and how the tendon is sort of splotchy with blood where it is attached to the bone...well, you want to get the blood totally to the bone so as to really break things up. Regular massage is not "deep" enough.

The ball I used measures 16 inches. Again, though, I did not get the ball thru the website (Body rolling is a dot com, one word, and you can learn about the woman who developed the technique. Anyway, I got just an ordinary ball in a toy section at Target and it looked similar to the one the instructor had used. The ball I have has a picture of Blues Clues on it! Hey, it works. It probably is bigger than the ones they recommend, but, if you think about it, it is squishy to the point where once all my weight is on it, it probably shrinks down to about ten inches. And, I just put my "front" onto the ball for the pelvic pain and not my back.

Here is how I did it...leaning my body wt. into it, literally placing the ball underneath me and "rolling" on it...slowly.

I would lay on the pubic bone and then take about four minutes or so to SLOWLY (while remembering to take deep breaths now and then) work my way out to the right side where the ovary once was on that side. After you get there, go back slowly to the pubic bone...breathe deeply. When you get to the pubic bone again, then go to the other side, following a path, if you will, of where you imagine the falopian tube once was. So, you are rolling in something like a "V" formation. After you get to the left side where the ovary once was, then go back to the pubic bone...and, you are done. But, take about 15 minutes to do the whole procedure.

Again, this is how I did it. I got relief. My doctor was amazed. Best Wishes, Mary
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thank you
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