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severe back and degenative bone disease

how is the best way to take hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10-325 to get the most relieve. I am severly disable from post polio and scoliosis . total spinal degeneration from being given bone donated by a affected person at least 25 years ago. I have trouble going to sleep with the pain . I am up most of the night. How can I get this to work better or should as the dr for something else. I have been on 4 a day of about a month?
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The best way to take your hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10-325, 4 a day, is to take one pill every 6 hours for pain.

This means that you take the pill based on the clock, not whether or not you are feeling pain, so that you maintain the same amount of medicine in your body at all times, therefore staying ahead of the pain.

Best wishes.
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this is the pain management board.
the best way to take them is how your doctor prescribed them.  if it is not working for you then tell your doctor so you can explore other options.

there are non medication therapies that could help your pain.  a start would be asking your doctor for a referral to physical therapy.  they can try tens unit, ultrasound, exercise, compound rubbing agents, etc. this is the first thing I would try. if you give physical therapy a good try (at least 6 weeks) and do not find it helpful, then ask the doctor for other medications to try.  it would be best LONG TERM to stay away from using opiate medication for long term chronic pain.

try everything else first and if none of those help talk to your doctor about prescribing a long acting (patch or extended release) medication.
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That you have work with your doctor on. We can't help you with that. We can't give you dosing info.

This is a board for people quitting pills and drugs. Maybe one of the other boards for pain management on this site would be better support for you.
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