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severe pain around lower abdomen

Sir, I am 22 year old girl. I have following problem for the past 6 years which looked normal problems but it's getting complicated. I have:
1. Persistent constipation with hard stool
2. Itching and burning in vagina portion
3. Weakness
4.Acute pain in lower abdominal (which increases when I am excited )
5. Presently I have seen a pus containing blister in my anus which pains a lot.

I am really worried what should I do. Sir I fear if I am having HIV . When I was adolescent I was not able to control my excitement and engaged in pushing bottle filled with water over my abdomen hard and also pressing my buttock for pleasure. I never had any sexual contact or any other reason of getting the infection , but sir in past my boyfriend and I engaged in pushing his private parts on mine wearing cloth. Sir is there any chance of any kind of transmission? Please tell me or this is normal infection problem in abdomen area?
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Your sexual behavior is your business and it may or may not have resulted in your symptoms.

We cannot diagnose here. Your symptoms may be treated with OTC remedies in your local pharmacy, but I wouldn't suggest you self-medicate for constipation or a UTI.

Seek medical attention, now. You may be exhibiting symptoms of a lower abdominal infection that can quickly escalate to more serious problems.

Best wishes.
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Please go see a doctor right away. The sooner you go, the sooner you will get better. Please don't waste time worrying. Find a doctor as soon as you read this.

In America, we have Hospitals, we have "Urgent Care" centers, and we have "family physicians."

I just read that you have something similar in India: "The Federation of Family Physicians' Associations of India (FFPAI) is an organization which has a connection with more than 8000 general practitioners through having affiliated membership."

Find a doctor that can see you within 24 hours.
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