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should i be worried about black bruising and pain


this is a short question about my riibs. i had a incident happen and i got hit with a baseball yesturday. it was only red and swollen and thought it would be okay. had a nap and got up 2 hrs later with a MASSIVE black/purple bruise on my ribs.
i went to the hospital and i was treated EXTREMELY unfairly by the doctor and told that this would go away in a day or two.

it hurts to breath, i have sharp pain from anything i do, i can\t sleep, daily tasks are agony

this doctor would give nothing for pain and i had to try tylenol 1 or advil, i can't sleep and haven\t been able to perform any daily duties. just wanted to know if it would be considered jjustified to go to the hospital again because of these continued symptoms and in ability to sleep?
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Hi there,

I just read your comments. At the hospital, your condition would probably
not be considered serious as potential patients are treated according to
how badly they need medical assistance. I think perhaps a visit to your
family doctor might be a better plan and see what your family doctor suggests. Good luck. Eve.
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You could just have a bad contusion, or you could have rib fracture. I've had some crappy E.R. docs, too. Did they do an Xray at the hospital?  If you choose to go back to the hospital, you may want to go at a different time so you don't get the same doc, or go to a different hospital.  I also agree that going to your personal physician is a good idea. If they took an xray, you can also go to medical records and get the xray report...they'll probably charge a few bucks
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An urgent care facility is also something to consider. Hope you feel better soon.
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