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shoulder pain

Went to emergency with severe pain in right shoulder, up into the neck and down the right arm (woke up with it).   Have been on 500 mg. Naproxen , twice daily, for 3 weeks, and 10 mg. Pms-cyclobenzaprine every 8 hours.  I'm still experiencing pain plus some new tingling down the arm.  Should I be going back to my doctor? It seems this is taking an unusually long time to get better.
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Yes, go see your doctor.  The tingling down the arm indicates a possible problem with the C7 nerve that originates at the 7th vertebra in your neck.  It could be impinged (pinched) either in your neck at the nerve root or somewhere in the shoulder.  I know it hurts having been through this myself many years ago, but it won't kill you.  Your doctor may want to send you for an MRI of the cervical spine and/or shoulder before making a firm diagnosis.  Depending on what is causing your pain, a physical therapy is typically the first line of defense.  If the patient gives it a solid shot, that may be the only treatment needed.  Good luck!
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you could have nerve or muscle damage ask to see a specialist
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Thanks very much for your response.  I'll be checking further into this.
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Thanks very much.  I've already made another appointment with my doctor.  It helps to know you have experienced this too and boy, it sure does hurt doesn't it; I spent a few nights just sitting up because I couldn't lie down.  The muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories haven't helped a whole lot, but I'll continue to pursue some relief.  Thanks again.
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