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stents and depression/anxiety

my wife suffers from many health issues, chronic back pain, diabetes, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and has had 1 heart attack, and had 2 stents put in recently. her emotions are all over the chart, she is being treated by a pain management specialist, and a psychologist, yet nothing seems to be getting better. I am a disabled veteran, who has severe PTSD, and i'm at my wits end, as to how to help my wife of 25 years, recover from this roller coaster ride, we're both on. I'm afraid to leave her side, yet i can't see to her needs 24/7, i've tried. can you suggest anything? before the stents, she was lively, and alert, now she is confused, and can't focus for very long. HELP
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I thought I was alone in my situation. X-nam vet with spinal cord injury and pain. My was is a type 1 diabetic. She has to inject insulin 5 times a day plus she has 2 stents from heart attack.She also has neuropathy (pain)
and hearing loss in both ears and crippling arthitis in both hands
and depends on me for everything. I have my own problems to deal with
but try to help her but its never enough. I can"t leave her after 30 years as she would be dead within a year.. I hear your cry for help. If you find any,,please pass it along. ...Godspeed
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I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. My suggestion would be to call the hospital that inserted the stents and ask for there social worker. This person can come out to your home and set up home visits with nurses and nursing aids to help you thru daily activities that you need help with concerning your wife. They can also help set up very low cost meals to be delivered to your home. We had to have assistance when my grandma was very ill. The social workers have a list of people and services that they trust and work with regularly. It's easier to use their resources then trying to find them on your own. I hope this information helps to alleviate some of your responsibilities. It's very important that you (her primary care giver) are rested and taking time to take care of yourself as well. If you run yourself down you will need so don't to take care of you too! So make sure you get rest when you can and take care of yourself. I hope things get better for both you and your wife.
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thanks for your reply, any avenue i can find to improve the quality of my wife's
life, is a Blessing. thank you  so much  for the info. I will definitely ck. it out.
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hope you received my response, as i'm computer illiterate, always pushing the wrong buttons, lol. So just in case you did'nt, here it goes again.
ck. with your local VA office, I  had my wife in a nursing home last year to recover from Sepsis. Champva paid for 30 days, and would have paid up to 6 months, if the Dr. thought it was medically necessary. hope that helps.
Hang in there Bro.
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I was thinking the same thing. I live alone and my insurance set up these things for me. I have a hot meal delivered daily and a home health aid that comes 5 days a week to help with cleaning, bathing and my personal care needs. She also runs errands for me.
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