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I had heard that acetomenaphen was to be taken from some pain pills, damages the liver i think.  what is TAMCK?

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I have been seeing alot of articles that say the drugs containing Tylenol will be discontinued but I honestly doubt it will ever happen. Drugs that contain hydrocodone and Tylenol are one of the most prescribed medications. And as Tuck said the people who benifit from the sale of these drugs will never allow this to happen. They have extremely deep pockets and they will do what they need to keep making money.
I know thats a cynical view but thats the truth.
Money is power and and these drug companies have plenty of both!
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Hi Narfie,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. Mollyrae is correct in her findings on Tamck.

There has been talk of discontinuing narcotics that contain acetaminophen (tylenol) because of possible kidney or liver damage. I doubt the drug manufacturing companies will allow this to happen. They lobby is strong and loud in the government.

I suggest that if you are taking a narcotic that you have the smallest possible dose of acetaminophen prescribed with it. I know that hydrocodone come with a 325mg dose of acetaminophen. It is just best to be safe and as good to our life sustaining organs as possible.

However should it happen that the the narcotics with acetaminophen are removed you can rest assured that they manufactures will be quick to produce these same drugs without the addition of acetaminophen. In my opinion you and your physician should have choice and it should be available now.  

Best of luck to You,
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I looked up TAMCK...it is Hydrocodone 7.5mg with 500 mg of acetomenophen.

Basically a brand name.

Hope this helped.
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I wouldn't worry about Acetomenaphen being taken out of drugs. it is fine in small amounts and is not to be taken regularly. I have no idea what TAMCK is.

Please take care,
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