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tired of pain

I am exhausted.
I have daily headaches that make my temples, neck ears and jaw all hurt.
my right wrist started hurting a mo th and a half ago, i thought i strained it, but didnt know how, the pain has stayed and has spread to my elbow and shoulder, it even hurts when idle.
my lower back hurts at least 4 /7 days a week. It hurts inside,like its my kidneys, it often hurts after peeing in the morning.
sciatic pain shoot down my right leg and makes my pelvic floor ache as well as the bones in my bum.
i broke my femur in 2009  and have had three surgeries, my leg now either hurts or is asleep. It feels like pinching inside my leg, pain shoots from hip to heel. When laying on my back or sitting, my entire leg falls asleep.
on my left leg, inside my knee, I'd always numb, but its painful, like pins and needles, the area sometimes gets hard hot and purple.
quite often, several times a month, after peeing i feel empty, its a aching empty in what i assume is my bladder
i experience chest pain several times a month, this has been going on for about a year. It hurts above my sturnum in my chest and in my ribs, it feels as iff i have been stretched,  and it makes it painful to breath.
I experience hot flashes, when no one else is hot. Its sudden and daily, it feels like im on fire.
I am 37, i am over weight, i quit drinking over a year ago and quit smoking over three years ago.  I have had two children, both natural, their ages are 17&7.
I have had my tonsils, appendix, and gall bladder out
i suffer anxiety/panic and depression and take Welbutrin,  Prozac and clonazepam as well as vitamin b and d.
Why am i in so much pain. I feel like i am at a breaking point.
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Hi Nbay,

I am so very sorry to hear about all the pain you are experiencing. We know how chronic pain often disrupts our daily lives and reduces our functioning. My heart goes out to you!

Some obvious questions come to mind  - like what diagnostic testing has been done? I would hope you've had a UA to check for a UTI. The hot flashes you are experiencing may be due to an infection or imbalance of hormones. I'd r/o (rule out) an infection first.

Have you have a recent MRI on the formerly fractured femur? It's a fact that once we suffer a major injury to a part - such as your femur - we often have life long discomfort in varying degrees. It sounds like the surgeries and/or fracture - or both - caused nerve damage. The area of numbness, pins and needles, pinching and shooting pain or that feeling that the leg is falling asleep are all SX (symptoms) related to nerve damage, inflammation or compression.

Have you consulted a neurologist? There isn't a lot that can be done for nerve pain or damage but there are some treatments including medications that may be effective. The first think you need to do is obtain a proper DX (diagnosis).

Let me commend you for alcohol and smoking cessation! Bravo! That takes a lot of will power and commitment. That proves you have inner strength!

Chest pain? There are so many things that can cause chest pain - from anxiety to a MI. Have you had a good cardiac work up done?  Make sure your heart is healthy and go from there.

Sciatic pain is a SX and not a DX as I'm sure you know. If you have a serious issue in your lower spine this could account for the sciatica and possibly the bladder issues - and even flank pain (kidney pain). Don't over look the possibility of a SI Joint (Sacroiliac Joint) problem. SIJD (Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction) is a condition that occurs more often in females and is under diagnosed - often never considered. On the surface your SX fit SIJD but a good diagnostic work up is required.

Could all your SX be caused from just one condition or source? It's possible - though not probable. I am not a physician - or anything close to one - none of us are. Some of us have medical backgrounds in varying degrees but all in all we are chronic pain patients that have joined together to offer support and information. You need an invested, caring and bring physician to sort through your many medical issues and offer some solutions.

What I do know is that we are our own best health care advocates. We need to be assertive without being aggressive - we need to be that annoying squeaky wheel as they get the oil. Request all your medical records dating back to the beginning of your SX. Search through them, reading and comprehending each and every one. Know what is in your records. You may indeed find something your provider(s) over looked or misunderstood. Sound crazy? It happens often.

I hope something I've offered has been of help. I'll look forward to hearing from you again soon - and wish you the very best.

Take Good Care of Yourself,
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Have you discussed this with your family doctor. If not you might want to cause it could be more dangerous and life threatening. Some of what you are saying about what's going on is signs of a Stroke. I didn't have any warning signs when I had a Stroke in April of 2009. I hope that you find out what it is you are looking for, I am sorry if my answer didn't help that well.
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All answers are helpful. They are like "second opinions".  We are here to support one another and offer our suggestions, information and input. So thank you - and please continue to respond to posters.

I neglected to tell Nbay to see her medical provider asap - you reminded her to do so! Good job!

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