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trouble getting dressed after low bain injury

I have posted previously but had a new question. I was injured several times 1. dog attached by least to pants pulled me forward. 2. PT was doing a manual adjustment did wrong leg and caused major pain, sat too much. 3. was laying on bed with knees bent and left knee fell out to left side (free fall) and I felt a tear but don't know if there was. I have had chronic pain since in one spot on my low back near the L5-S1 area on the buttock sort of near the SI joint. I had a MRI of lower back and bone scan before injury #3 and it was totally normal. I had a hip Xray after injury 3 and it was also normal. After injury 3 I can cross my left leg over the right knee while sitting but not the same as the right side. When I try, the muscles in the left buttock are very tight and I get increased pain in the injury area mentioned above but it doesn't last into the next day. After a year and a half I still can't cross that leg properly and was told to stop trying to cross it for about 6 months until my pain when down. The pain is getting better but I tried again to cross it and it still is frozen. I need to be able to dress and can't bend either. Will I be able to loosen it up if I keep trying? Is there something wrong that I should get checked or is it just scar tissue? what should I do? I am walking a hour a day including hills and doing some chores and driiving but I can't do all my chores yet. Any suggestions on how to start bending without hurting myself?
thanks in advacne for any suggestions.
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Oh, man, I am so sorry for you.  I can't imagine coping with that terrible pain for so long.  Yes, the severity of mine went away, but only after also taking Flexeril and lying in bed for a week.  I still have to be real careful what I do as bending wrong will bring it all back and has become a chronic problem.  And yes, taking meds can be tricky as it gives us a false sense of what we are capable of and end up re-injuring.  I also have pain at the SI joint.  

You sound grossly tight - this has been going on so long for you.  Of course I would suggest and MRI, but you've been through that.  Have you tried getting massages?  Physical Therapy?  Use a heating pad?  Maybe even a med like Neurontin or Lyrica seeing that it's your sciatic NERVE being effected?  

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Hi there.  I know exactly what your saying as I have had several episodes of Sciatica in the last 6mos with excruciating pain - unable to bend, put on pants, shoes, cross leg, etc.  In my experience, it is a mistake to keep trying to do what your body is screaming not to.  I too, thought if I kept walking, doing chores; just staying on the move would loosen things up but ultimately, what helped the most was muscle relaxants and Rest.  Total rest!

Feel better.  It's a painful, miserable feeling.

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walking actually makes me feel better overall. I didn't the total rest thing too and it is still the same. Sorry you went through this too. Did yours go away then? I haven't been able to put my pants etc. on for a year and half. I have to wait for my husband to get home to take a shower and I hate being dependant. I was on Flexeril for 9 months to no avail. It helped at first but then I still kept hurting myself because I was so doped up on it and sleep walked and bent (ouch). I have pain near the SI joint but I have pain or very tight muscle going down the back of my leg too. It isn't on the side then the back and doesn;t feel like a nerve pain. They think it is myofascial pain. How do you being to bend again, do you try wall squats or once the pain goes away you can do it? I am afraid to try again.
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Hi and thanks for your thoughts. I havent' been told it is my sciatica just myofascial pain. Yes it has been difficult. I was on Tramadol for a month. then tried Neurontin and Skelaxin for two months (Skelaxin worked a little but Neurontin not at all). Then I was on Flexeril and you have that story. I tried lidocaine pathces (didn't work at all). I have tried TENS, accupunture (once in a while relief for a day or two), biofeedback helped with anxiety, and I use Voltaren gel (helps very short term). I also tried Ketamine topical but it gave me some systemic side effects and I had to get off. It worked a little. I stopped getting all the little tweeks which set me back all the time but I still have moderate pain. I started out two years ago not too bad and was able to do anything. But then,  a PT injured me by doing a manual adjustment (because he thought I had SI joint ) on the opposite side and then I had major pain and sat for a month and got weak from no exercise and the pain. I went to another PT and made some improvements but then he pulled muscles a couple of times by making do things I wasn't ready for and he bruised my ribs by trying to do traction. Both of these PT's had a Ph.D. from good schools. I then hurt myself by laying on my back with knees bent and for some reason got distracted and let my left knee fall out to the left side. I felt a tear but don't know if there was an actual tear. I got a hip xray after that and that was normal. But since that injury I haven't been able to cross that leg right. I haven't had another MRI since that injury. Also, right after this injury I couldn't lift my foot up enough to get into the shower (there is slight step) or to get outside for two months. It was sooo depressing. I then went to an integrative medicine pain doctor for a year. He told me to start walking and finally when I started hills and got to 1 hour my tweeks have gone away but the pain is still there and I"m still stuck (stiff). I have one other PT who I trust but I  am afraid to do anything with them now. The doctor is leaving it up to me as to whether or not to do PT again since I am getting better. I think the leg is frozen because of scar tissue. I don't know what to do next and can't get any real good opinion. Massage worked on it to start with but now I'm even afraid to go back to that PT. I don't know.
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p.s. Yes I use a heating pack on my bad days and it helps. The pain isn't as bad as it was to start with and varies every other day from low to moderate pain.
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I am so sorry!  It sounds like you have tried anything and everything.  I will never ever complain about my issue again after reading all you've been through.  I was given that Voltaren gel for the tops of my feet that are arthritic.  Works pretty good for the short term.

I guess the only other thing to try would be another MRI.  You know, my lumbar MRI's were coming out negative too...except the last one.  It showed I have a number of subchondrial cysts (don't ask me what those are.lol) in the femoral head that answers why all this popping and clicking in my SI area and I assume, all the pain.  My point of telling you this, is there must be *something* wrong somewhere that is causing all your pain, you just have to keep searching.  Isn't that the most frustrating being told your MRI is *clear* when you hurt so badly?  

Take care and I wish you luck!!!  
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