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truly upset im now a full blown addicit and no help

hello . I am a single mother with an autistic 5 yr old that is fully disabled. we both have been seeing the same dr ten years. last month I go one apt every three months. I was told I owed 80 and I must pay right then or he would not see us anymore..i paid. so I called and the regular nurse stated hold on. im no longer doing refills. I was told my dr had received a call and he would see me emergency only till I found pain management as well for my son.never had a pill count, drug test to this over a call. im 5/5 108 lbs I still have pills too because I sure don't sell my meds but he has me on roxy 30 150 pills five times a day, Adderall 30 mg 90 pills three times a day , Xanax 1mg three times a day 9- pills, as too my son 30 Adderall 10mg and Xanax for meltdowns as needed. this man has me to the point I must have my meds or I cant function..he is always hugging, kissing to goodbye. please tell me I have a leg to stand on. if he gives me a refill he wont have to worry because an *** like him I prefer someone new. this is very poor business.any advice please and is my strength the normal. if I took all this I think I would die.
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Hello Michelle,

Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I am glad you found us and took the time to post. However I am so sorry to hear about the situation that you and your son find yourself in. If it's any comfort - you are not alone. I read this often here.

First let me say that you are not an addict. Please don't label yourself with that term. There is a huge difference between addiction - and dependency.  Chronic Pain patients are rarely become addicts - but our bodies will respond to withdrawals just the same.

I'm guessing that your current physician may have been paid a visit - or received unwanted questions from the DEA or similar governmental watch dog. It sounds like something has frightened him - and he's decided to cease prescribing opiates and controlled substances. It's happened and happening across the USA.  There are many PCP that no longer prescribe these medications, even for their long time and trusted patients.

You don't have a recourse. I'm not certain about your son's situation. I would question patient abandonment of a minor. However as long as he provides your son a 30 days notice - and 30 fill on his medications - than patient abandonment would not apply. The sad part is even if it would - by the time you get through litigation it would be years - which won't help you now.

I encourage you to begin searching for a replacement physician for your son - and a PMP for yourself, asap. I wish I had better news but sadly it's the climate we live in today. Our government makes it very difficult for a physician that prescribes opiates. There are strict mandates and additional educational requirements as well as extensive medical record keeping that must be met.  Physician's risk losing their licenses and face large fines if they do not abide by these mandates - even when practicing in good faith.

I know little about prescribing controlled substances for children. I would think they have more protection under that law. If that's true it doesn't change the fact that a medical provider can pick and chose who they will and won't treat.

I hope you'll let us know how you are doing. I'll be very interested to hear how this turns out for you - and your child. I wish you all the best.

Take Care and Good Luck,
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Just wanted to add that you may receive more information for your son our Autism Forum. Here's the link:


There are some excellent Physicians that specialize in treating Autism. It's my guess that one would see your son soon given the situation.

My Best,
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