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Im 34 years old and have unexplainable pain in my chest, arm and jaw. It all started about  2 years ago with a sharp pain about 5 inches down from my left collar bone, the next day i set up an app. with my doctor and she said it sounded like a P.E. (no PE) then i got sent to a cardiologist, he said i had SVT and put me on some meds. The meds didnt help and the next time it happened it was worse and the pain went down my left arm and my nose started bleeding. I went back to the doctors and he ran a stress test and a eco, all was good. At this point we cant figure anything out or figure what it triggering it, it happens at random times even in the middle of the night. I felt like it was time for a second opinion, he said I was addicted to running. ( so not addicted to running) The next time it happened, i my husband found me passed out in my jeep called 911, my ct, blood work, ekg everything cameback good. The ER doctor said it sounds like a seizure, so i went to see a neurologist, he said i have migraines. I said i know ive had them all my life, I get them maybe everyother month if that and Ive never had it cause chest pain and pain in my arm and give me a bloody nose. needless to say he gave me some meds and its still happening. I would just like someone to think out side the box cause it seems like if you dont fit in their cookie cutter box, its not their problem and pass you off to someone else. What ever you want to call what is going on with me, its not going away and getting worse.  
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Although I am an extreme "out-of-the-box" thinker, I cannot give advice, becuase I am not a doctor or a medical professional.

However, I have a friend who has the *exact same symptoms* (her first doctor said it sounded like PE, second doctor said it was SVT, just like you). And I'll tell you what I told her.

STOP RUNNING! just STOP IT! You/we/humans are NOT gazelles, we're not supposed to be running running running. You're gonna wreck EVERYTHING, starting with your knees, feet, and then you're gonna mess up your heart, and then I told her that when you run, you actually DESTROY/smash blood cells as your blood travels thru your feet, so STOP IT!

Alright, now I have that off my chest.

You say you have "unexplainable pain." Pain doesn't HAVE to be explained. It's your body saying "something is wrong, riggghhhhttt HERE!" So, you look at your collar bone, and you look at the nerves that go to and from that area. I'm not going to do it for you, you have to do the leg-work (no, not running, no pun intended LOL), find a nerve chart on Google. Okay I lied, I did it for you: http://burdichiro.com/NerveChart.htm

And backtrack from there. It's not rocket science. And then you have to figure out why you passed out in your "jeep." What exactly did you do that day/that morning, what foods did you eat, think think THINK.

Your body is telling you something. Keep a journal, a logbook, You probably don't remember. Now is the time to start writing stuff down. Did a food trigger what knocked you out? Do you drink? Take any kind of drugs (not being judgemental here, no, I couldn't care less)? The body is created out of food, sustained by food, and when it dies, turns back into food. Backtrack and think about all the foods you eat, and how the food corresponds with your different episodes.

You had a cardio actually DIAGNOSE you with SVT? Or just "guess" that's what it is? If it's just a guess, it's a sucky guess. Did you look it up? http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/106/25/e206.full Is that what you have? Or not? Hopefully you aren't taking meds for something you don't have.

I like the "stress testing" you had done. You know when they check batteries to see if they still have power, you can't just hook 'em up to a meter and say "yes or no" they are good or not. The batteries actually have to be POWERING something to determine if they are bad or not. The body is a big battery. Stress-test = good idea.

What you need is an actual doctor who is smart. Find a doctor as smart as I am, and you'll have your answer.

You have VERY specific "clues" and very specific symptoms. Keep a journal, a log book, and be on the lookout for a genius doctor (like "House" on TV), because you probably have one of those rare things that actually have a name.

In the meantime, become healthy. Eat perfectly with discipline. Check out Ayurveda (http://www.joyfulbelly.com/Ayurveda/article/Good-Eating-Habits/94), remember the body-is-built-from-food thing. Stop drinking and stop running, and be balanced. You'll live a long, long time, with good health.

There. That's what I told my friend.
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Lol, I love the bluntness. Ok, I have been keeping a log of all exercises and foods i eat sense  my first doctor told me I had SVT, (was not my guess). My gut told me thats not what was wrong but then I thought hes a doctor so he must be right, needless to say I learned quick that these doctors are practicing medicine and have no clue:( what I told the ER doctor what I did the day i passed out in the jeep, went to work at 9am after I dropped my son at school, I watched netflix in between putting a jacket on the machine to be embroidered, so nothing stressfull, left work at 5.
breakfast- 7:30: 2 eggwhites with spinach and tomatoes, side of blueberries, hot green tea, snack-10ish apple with almondbutter, lunch-12:30 chicken spinach and kale cob salad, snack 4ish greek yogurt with berries and almonds. Drink cucumber and lemon water.
I dont run, I did a 5k when my niece was diagnosed with cancer to help raise money, he took that as i run alot. he didnt listen. the only running i do is if im watching my little nieces and nephews. i hate running its boring:)
To keep in shape I go dancing or yoga.
Dr.house would be great right about now.  
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