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update/my babies going to school/pain

i havent posted in awhile so thought Id drop in and see how you are all doing and say hi! I've been sooo busy with the end-of -summer things- mostly consisting of getting my kids ready for school! They start on Monday and tuesday (they go to same school yet have seperate start dates!) My youngest is starting kindergarten! I am so not ready to let my baby go!! I will be a basket case! On the good side though he is looking forward to it. I took him to orientation on WED. and he loved it. He got to take a bus ride too, meet his teacher and classmates, make a treat and eat it, listen to a story and play on the playground. I nearly had to drag him out of there kicking and screaming! He said he loved it so much he wanted to live there LOL . So I don't have too many worries for him starting school. He is the opposite of my oldest son! He starts 2nd grade, but when he was in Kindy, he CRIED for the first couple of days and hated it! It was hard on both of us! So Im very grateful I wont have to go through that again. Now, this wont stop me from bawling my eyes out when I drive home after dropping them off for their first days respectively, lol.
My pain has been a bit worse lately with all this last minute running around but Im surviving. Im not off the charts or anything but definitely a lot more stiff and pain in the morning and harder to get going all day. There are some times where I can barely walk when my back gets in a real uproar but thankfully the medicine is relieving it pretty well. I just wish the medicine lasted longer. Why is it they dont make hydrocodone in a time release formula?!
well, I hope you are all doing as well as possible. I did read a couple posts this morning but I cant catch up with all. I did see mamas post about the hip going out. I was cringing reading that and I pray you get that fixed soon, that sounds absolutely horrible!!!
Take care, and hope I can catch up again soon with you all!
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I'm so happy that your son is excited about kindergarten. It's such an exciting time for kids. Kindergarten is so much fun!

I don't know why they don't make a long-acting hydrocodone. They should, because they help a lot of people.


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Add my vote in for a long acting hydrocodone!!  I'm allergic to OXYcodone, so I can't take oxycontin, therefore, my choices for a long acting medication are kind of limited.

trouble - I'm also so happy that your youngest is so excited about kindergarten - knowing tht he's happy and excited hopefully will lessen your nerves about it.  I remember standing and watching my boyfriend's son get on teh bus for the first time going to kindergarten and I cried and cried as if he was my own son!!  LOL  Of course, HE was absolutely fine and loved every minute of it - I was the one who was the basket case!!  It's so hard seeing the little ones make these milestones - I think, at least for me, part of it is knowing that since THEY are getting older and making these milestones, that, unfortunatley, means that I am getting older too - LOL  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!  
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I live in Canada, where we have Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten...and this year they have switched from a half day every day schedule, to a whole day every other day schedule for the Kindergartens.  My youngest will be in Senior Kindergarten this year, and I DO NOT like the new schedule! She was so used to going every day last year, now this year it's not every day, but next year grade 1 will be every day all day again!  
A little frustrating....but my middle son will be in grade 8 this year, so he'll be on the bus with my daughter, and my oldest is starting HIGH SCHOOL!!! UUUGGHHH!!! I don't know how ready I am for this! I grew up in the states, and moved to Canada when I married my husband....and they do things differently here in Canada with school.  High School kids take the regular city bus to and from school...and only the K-8 take school buses.  So we'll be getting my oldest his bus pass soon.  When it comes to back-to-school---I have to be excited a little bit because I'll get some nice alone time again when school starts...but we are just sooo busy when school is in session! Homework and extra curriculars....BUSY!!!

Ok....well the real reason I responded to this thread was because i wanted to tell a little story about us moms and how we worry so much about our little ones at school, and if they'll be ok, make friends, have someone to play with on the playground, etc etc etc...
My good friend would show up at lunch time when her daughter first started school, to stand in the parking lot and secretly spy on the school yard to make sure her daughter was ok....and she was horrified to see her daughter standing against the wall with her head down...totally alone.  She was devastated for her daughter...why wouldn't anyone play with her...her poor baby all alone!!! So she stormed onto the playground to go give her poor 4 year old daughter a hug and console her...only to have her mortified daughter look at her and yell that she was ruining the game!!! It was her turn to count and then go find her friends....hide and seek! In seconds, all of her daughters new little friends were gathering around them so they can meet their new friend's mommy....and my friend was SO EMBARRASSED!!! But of course also relieved, and it was worth it! To ease her mind....to know her daughter was JUST FINE OF COURSE!!!
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It never gets any easier to let our babies go.   I cried for weeks after my daughter got married, even though I love my son-in-law.  It was such an adjustment.  I still talk to her everyday.  Thankfully she is a Respiratory Therapist and works 3 twelve hour shifts.  That gives us a couple of days to play while her husband is at work.  Pray you find some relief from your pain after the kids are in school and things start to settle down for you.
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I know just how you feel.  And I have to say the start of school got my pain up and roaring too.  The stress of the babies going off to school.  I have a 2nd grader and 1st grader this year and my little one starts his first year of preschool next week.  My older two started a couple weeks ago.  It took me a while to get use to just having the baby at home.  My daughter was home in the mornings last year.  So when my baby starts next week it will be my first time without kids in 8 years.  I can't prepare myself for how I will feel.  I know I will cry but he has been begging to go to school like his big brother and sister for a year now.  
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Its great to hear from so many of you who can relate!! I also LOL'd at the story of the mom spying on her daughter and ruining the game, lmao that was too funny! I actually did that once when my oldest son started kindergarten! He was saying another boy was beating him up/stealing his coat etc at recess and just overall not adjusting well to school. So one afternoon I parked in the lot and observed from a distance to see what was going on. Much to my surprise, my son handled himself fine. There was indeed a bully picking on him, and did strike my son with his coat! But my son belted him one right back, then walked away, went over and talked to a cute little blonde girl and they went and sat on the grass together talking so cute LOL. My son was laying on his side with his hand propping his head up whilest he and the girl conversed and laughed. I was flabberghasted! Here I thought my son was being outcasted and beaten up when in actuality he was handling his problems just fine himself AND had a little "girlfriend" on the side as well, LOL.   I never spied on him again! I felt weird and wrong for doing it but I just had to know what was going on, lol.  Now my youngest son, I do worry about him starting Kindy because he is used to "fighting" with his older brother. I keep reminding him you cant push/shove/hit another student and its not like being at home wrestling with his brother or socking him one when he gets mad! I hope he doesnt forget! (and no, I dont let my boys run wild and beat on each other, but it does happen sometimes! Show me a family that has at least 2 little boys close in age that dont fight and I'll show you mud that isnt dirty, lol.
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optimus- that does sound confusing! I think they do that purposely to drive us parents insane! In this school district; Monday is first day of school for Grades 1-7 & 10th and Kindy w/last names A-L.  Tues is first day for Grades 8-9, 11 and 12th and Kindy Last names L-Z!! its ridiculous, lol.   OUr district also has full time Kindy or "part time" which isnt half days like they used to do. Now if you do part time,  its M/W/F ALL day long instead. I made the mistake of doing that with my first son and it was very confusing to him, made it harder for him to adjust to a routine, made it harder to adjust/make friends and harder to keep up academically. So halfway through that year, I started him full time every day.   With my youngest son, I am just starting him full time every day to avoid that problem. He will need the consistency.
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Hi Trouble!!

It's so good to see you on again!!!  We've missed you.  

And I thought my Granddaughters school district was STRANGE (that's putting it NICELY!!) in TN.  They had all grades EXCEPT Kindergarten begin on a particular Monday BUT then the NEXT week they had the FIRST half of the Alphabet come for ONE (count it ONE) HALF day the FOLLOWING THURSDAY!!  this is A FULL week and a half AFTER the rest of the kids. And the SECOND half of the Alphabet came for a HALF day on that FRIDAY. (The first half DIDN'T get to go that day.) THEN the FOLLOWING Monday (that's TWO WEEKS) after the 1st thru 12th started the Kindergartner's FINALLY got to go!!!  Their Kindergarten is full days only.

I TRULY believe that these School Districts HIRE someone JUST to plan these schedules to see HOW difficult they can make it for the Parents that have a Kindergartner in the School System.  I bet that these employees get a BONUS if they can come up with the MOST COMPLICATED PLAN in  their State!!!  Just my Thoughts!!!:)

Thank you for worrying about me.  It's less than 3 weeks now so I'm just HOPING that the time WILL FLY!!!

Good Luck NEXT week!!!!! Anxious to hear how it goes.......Mama Sherry
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I wanted to weigh in on this one.  

I would LOVE long acting hydrocodone.  I use it but it only seems to last 3 or so hours.  Sometimes less.

As for the first day of school, I knew my middle son would be fine when I got a call from the principal the first day.  It seems that he and another little boy were having a peepee contest to see who could go the furthest!!  I tried not to start laughing.  He did know better as he'd been in Mothers Day Out at church for years.  I guess it just sounded like fun!
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Well, here in Ontario, grades 1 through 12 start the day after Labour Day, and the Kindergartens start the following Monday.  Starting NEXT year, Kindergarten will be all day every day for both Junior and Senior Kindergarten.  This year, It's either Mon, Wed, every other Friday...or Tues, Thurs, every other Friday.  So every other week, my daughter will only go to school 2 days!!! And what if there is a holiday??? I think it is just awful...especially since last year she went every day half days.  It would be different if they started them out with the every other day schedule, but to go back and forth like this? And then next year to go from 2 or 3 days a week to all 5??? Just silly:) But now I'll plan great activities for those alternating days off....hopefully:)
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OMG - Sara!!!  That's Hilarious!!!  I don't know if I could have kept a straight face.  I bet the teacher had trouble keeping a straight face on that one too!!.........Mama Sherry
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I agree.  At their age, a half day every day seems appropriate.  The present schedule sounds confusing.  Here in Texas, we went to all day kindergarten 5 days a weeks.  I thought it was too much.  There were literally 4 years old when they started.  My second and third children went to private half day kindergarten instead of regular all day.  The next year I put them in all day kindergarten through the public schools.  I only wish I"d been able to hold my oldest back.  However, we were in Chicago when he started and they simply refused to allow it. He did fine but I think he'd have done better had he been held back.  I think we push little ones too fast simply for our own convenience sometimes.

Sherry:  What really embarrassed him was when the little girls tackled him at the end of the slide and started kissing him. This happened about a month later than the other incident.  And of all things, the school was afraid that I'd sue for sexual harassment!  They were in kindergarten for God's sake.  Shaking my head.  Actually I just cracked up but comforted the humiliated one.
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