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very sick no help

I have been sick now for two years with no diognosis and I am slowly fadeing away. It hurts just typing this message! The fact is that I know I'm going to die from whatever it is I have if get no help.   Just even some pain management would b nice. Instead I just deal with my pain aand bed ridden. It all started when a massive cyst on my right ovary ruptured filling my abdominal cavity with fluid and they didn't figure that for two weeks let the fluid dry up on its own. I started getting pain upper right stomach shooting up into my right shoulder over time the pain has spread across my upper abdomen and through my chest, I now not only pain in my pancreas gallbladder but my heart now, I have pain in my muscles and now even my bones with periods of light headedness. No doctor can diognose me, all blood work shows nothing!  I can't even seem to get pain meds!
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Hello Karema,

I am so sorry to hear about your undiagnosed and untreated pain. We can relate. I am glad that you found us at MedHelp.

I know that pain can make you feel like you are going to die. In my opinion you need to locate a new physician. Please remember that we hire these physicians and they are not doing us a favor by treating us, we pay them for the privilege.

I don't know what state you live in but you may also want to see a PMP. You deserve to at least have your pain controlled while they search the source.

However at this time I think your greatest need is for a diagnosis. Have you seen a good Internal Medicine Physician and/or a Rheumatologist? Don't give up though I truly know how discouraging and frustrating the search can be. Be assertive because no one knows how you feel but you. We must take responsibility for our health care managment. Don't let them wear you down. Muster all your strength and courage and keep fighting. There is an answer out there.

It took me a long time, years to find a diagnosis. There are kind and concerned physicians out there that will listen to you and beleive in your pain and symptoms. Apparently thus far you have not found one. I don't mean to sound like a broken record but keep searching.

We are here to support you. I hope you will be as active of a memeber as your current pain allows. This community has been a blessing to me especially with all the wonderfully kind and caring members. I hope you will find the same to be true.  I will look forward to hearing from you again soon. Best of luck.

Take Care,
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Hello Karema,

Don't be discouraged by what one or two doctors say. It took me two years to be diagnosed. I was told I was crazy, that I just wanted pain meds and plenty of other things. Each if us have different or similar symptoms for different diseases or illnesses. It just takes time for you to notice if they are all part of the same problem or not.
Like Tuck says keep trying you'll find that one doctor that will listen to you about every ache and pain, and when you do, you'll feel a great sense of relief, I know I did!

Good luck,

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thank you very much for you're support, I now can barely walk the pain is unbareable its everywhere! They are sending me back to university of iowa city hospitol, I hope I get an andsew!
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Hi karema, just like Tuck and SPhilly have told you - don't give up and keep looking.  I was in a motorcycle accident in October of 2008 and since than I have been on a slew of pain medicines however, prior to my accident I  had a multitude of issues with pain.  

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the fall of 2005 but actually had been suffering with my Rheumatism for about 5 years prior to that time.  The pain was horrible and every doctor I had gone to just assumed that I was seeking narcotic pain medicine and none of them, not even one did any kind of testing on me.  Their reasoning behind it all was that I was too young to be in pain like I was telling them I was and that I was too young to be afflicted to with arthritis which, is what my mom thought it was from the beginning.  Finally 5 years after my nightmare had started I had finally found a doctor that would help me.  She was freshly opened in her private practice, the ink was probably still fresh on her degree's she hung on the wall.  And, bless her heart, she referred me out to an arthritis doctor.  Even than after seeing the arthritis doctor it wasn't an immediate sense of relief.  He had me complete a battery of blood work, fasting and more blood work, x-rays, scans, injection with dyes and more x-rays and more scans.  This whole process took about another 6 months and than at that time was he able and willing to prescribe me the proper arthritis medicine, as he diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis and than he also prescribed me pain medicine.  I had to go through all of the tests before I got any help but, because he was willing to at least "check and see" what was wrong with me, I stuck it out and in the end, finally got the help I was needing.

So as you can see with my mini-story about my pain issues, it took years, a couple dozen doctors, a few thousand tears and sleepless nights, a few dozen pokes, prodes, x-rays, scans and physical exams before I finally got help.  The bottom line is don't give up, there are doctors out there and you will find that one doctor that is willing to believe you and help you.

Please keep us updated on how everything goes.  If you ever need to chat or just need a friendly message - I am here.  I have been through the wringer, so to say and at one point in time I thought I was looing my mind and went into a very deep depression because I was in pain so bad I thought I could not take it anymore and had some pretty messed up thoughts go through my mind.

Since my diagnoses with R.A., I have been in a horrific motorcycle accident where I almost lost my life and now have to live with a daily type of pain that can make a person go insane without pain medicine.  I still  have to cope with depression, crying and just plain ugly days and nights.  So, I can relate to feelings that you are going through.  please - if you need to talk just let me know.

til next time - montanagurl
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