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what's the difference between Pain mngmnt Dr & PM clinic

As some of you know I'm in bad shape and it's getting worse. I was in so much pain, I went outside 4x todabecause iwas actually about to cry
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Sorry your having such a hard time. It must be really hard to deal with everything going on.
I'm not sure there is too much of a diffrence. There may be more DR's at a clinic versus just a pain management DR's office where there could be one or only two DR's doing pain presedures and prescribing medication only. There may be a variety of different kinds of DR's at a pain clinic that treat all the different demensions of pain, like a psychologist or therapist or physical therapist.
When I hear clinic I think of less expensive care for people. Such as if someone doesnt have insurance. But I dont think that that means the same thing for a place that mainly treats pain.

If you have a pain clinic around your area, you might want to give them a call. I know you dont have insurance right now. Have you ever thought about trying to get NJ medicaid? I know that you can get some legal help to win the case and they usually wont charge you unless you win benefits.

Do you even just have a clinic around that uses more of a sliding scale that you can go and talk to about whats happening. Maybe they could help you out in some way with pain control. There may be something in the phone book if you have one around.
I Wish I had more suggestions that would help you get pain control. Hopeully someone will come along who has more ideas.

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I was wondering what happened to you. When I went to PM  they gave me a fentanyl patch and wanted me off the short acting opiotes. Have you tried that, but you would be exchanging one med for another. This is giving you constant narcs and u dont get the pain breakthroughs as bad.
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