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20 year old worried about pancreatic cancer

I have been having shortness of breath for a month now, and a week ago I felt a sharp pain in my upper left abdomen under my rib. The pain was short and didn't last long, but later on I developed bloated feeling and shortness of breath and tenderness in the upper left abdomen. My stool is orange in color. I went to see my doctor and she ordered an ECG for the heart to be done and blood to be taken.

ECG came back normal but the blood test showed elevated total bilirubin (60.3 umol/L while the ref range was 1.7-21.0 umol/L), I was sent to do an ultrasound of the abdomen and a heart ultrasound just in case. The heart ultrasound showed that everything was normal but my heart was beating fast. The abdomen ultrasound showed nothing out of the order and everything seemed normal. I also have slightly low blood pressure 95/60 Since I was looking yellow, and the corners of my inside of eyes were yellow but my ALT and AST were within normal ranges and my abdominal ultrasound came back normal they told me it's probably Gilbert's syndrome. I was told to take Ranitidine for my stomach. After taking ranitidine my stool turned dark in color (almost black) and I stopped taking it, I only took one pill.

A few days later I went to the bathroom and found a small amount of fresh blood in my orange stool, and I developed pain in my lower back. My parents told me it's probably hemorrhoids since I had a tendency to wipe a little harder with toilet paper and that probably triggered them. I stopped wiping and instead washed the anus every time with water and that helped with the pain.

We went to see the doc just in case, she ordered x-rays of my chest and that came back normal. I was sent to a GI doctor who told me to take another blood test and to take a stomach x-ray. The stomach x-ray came back normal and the blood test came back with these results:

- MPV high - 12,2 fl (ref. range 7,2-11,1) method EB
- direct bilirubin high - 7,3 umol/L (ref range <3,4) method SPFT
- lipase low - 6,9 U/L (ref range 21,0 - 67,0) method SPFT
- potassium low 3,6 (ref range 3,8 - 5,3) method ISE
- elevated urin acid 427 umol/L (ref range 202-417)

Everything else was normal. The GI told me he was afraid it was the pancreas but that these results show it's normal and that this whole thing is probably an  ulcer, so he prescribed 2 omeprazole a day and told me to take a barium x-ray of the duodenum just in case.

I read that the x-ray he told me to do is higher in radiation than the chest x-ray I did, so I still can't decide whether I want to do it or not, also is MRI of the abdomen better at these things than an x-ray? Also, I don't want to take omeprazole since it's an anti-acid and I read a lot of negative things for those type of medicine. Are these wise choices?

Why am I afraid?

Because I read that low lipase levels can indicate permanent pancreas problems, then I read that if you have pancreas problems and jaundice it can be an indication of pancreatic cancer and that elevated urin acid in blood can indicate some forms of cancer. I also still have orange stool and abdominal tenderness which sometimes radiates to the back. I also feel fatigued on occasions.

So to sum things up,


- low lipase
- elevated direct bilirubin
- elevated total bilirubin
- slightly elevated urin acid
- slightly low potassium
- slightly elevated MPV
- abdominal tenderness in upper left part and sometimes right which sometimes radiates to the back
- low appetite, easily get full
- heart rate know to go up
- slightly low blood pressure 95/60
- jaundice
- currently no sharp pain
- shortness of breath
- orange stool (with white spots in it, i think its from cucumber)
- sometimes weakness in shoulders

Thank you for taking your time to read this and what are your opinions on this?

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I also forgot to mention that I have slight tightness in chest and I often cough. I don't smoke or drink.
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First, remember I'm not a doctor. However, pancreatic cancer is someone your age is almost unheard of. Does pancreatitis or gallbladder issues run in your family? Generally, if there is a serious problem with the pancreas, all your liver enzymes would be off the charts. I would ask for an abdominal CT which will give a better view of the pancreas. The elevated bilirubin definitely could be Gilbert's Syndrome which can cause jaundice when fighting off an infection or when stressed out.
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