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Chronic pancreatitis information?

My mom was a heavy drinker since 2009 and in 2013 she finally quit drinking after have seizures and being intubated. She had episodes of acute pancreatitis while drinking but never went in for it and now she was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. She has episodes that last a day with abdominal pressure and pain. Other times she's had week long episodes. We had a endoscopy done a couple months ago with no cysts or cancer. Nothing was blocked but her pancreas is really calcified. She's only 42 and every time she gets sick it kills me. I had to live my whole high school life watching her drink and kill herself and now I'm in my 20s wanting to start my life but can't because she gets sick and scared. I just need information about this it seems like the internet barely has any. She's constantly burping and complaining of abdominal pressure and i don't know what to do.
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Good to hear that she has stopped drinking, that's a big step. The pancreas helps the digestive process but hers is damaged from the years of stress. Fortunately the imaging didn't show anything abnormal - common bile duct blockage, tumors, etc. But her pancreas will not be able to add the needed enzymes for digestion anymore. You can talk to her doctor about adding some enzyme supplements to compensate for this. Also, lower fat diets will help as well.
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