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Not sure if I have pancreatic cancer

Since 2006 I have had either CT or MRI's done to check the size of the lesion on my pancreas.  It was found by looking for somthing else.  I was seeing a doctor for 4 years then he left and new doctor that replaced him left within the year.  So I found another doctor.  The doctor I was seeing for 4 years said don't let anyone operate b/c it is cysts but the new doctor I just saw believes I should have the whipple procedure done ASAP.  I am scheduled to go for EUS at the end of Sept.  Does anyone know a GREAT surgeon if I need to have the whipple procedure done?
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Does your new doctor have a good referral?
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A gastroenterologist qualified to do the EUS would generally have a biliary surgeon that they work with frequently because the two specialties are very dependent on one another. The key to Whipple procedures is volume. Although not difficult, it is complex and the more familiar one is to variations from patient to patient the safer it is. If your surgeon does fewer than a dozen a year it would be best to find another.
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What to do and where to go with 1.5 cm leasion on head of pancreas ?Right now  i have to wait to see GI  first time  for 4 months, since I have  Medi-Cal insurance (.
Is any one want look at it in research purpose?  

I went to pancreas cancer simposium in San Francisco, it is was just handfull number of survavors ( .
my email ***@****

Thank you
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