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Pancan scare.. still worried

Hi! New here, I actually just joined today looking for some advice. Long story short about five months ago I started experiencing diarrhea multiple times a day (sometimes yellow, oily, foamy, sorry tmi.) also upper left side abdominal pain radiating into my back. I went to my family doctor who put me on Prilosec and said acid reflux, still issues so met with GI who did an upper endoscopy which came back good. Ended up in the ER one night due to the pain but they only did bloods and only thing elevated was my Albumin. I decided I was going to see another doctor and she ordered an MRI wanting to look at my pancreas. (She ordered blood work and only thing that came back was my sugar was low).. The MRI came back yesterday and here are the results..
normal liver.  There are surgical clips in the gallbladder fossa  
consistent with a prior cholecystectomy.  Accessory splenule noted in the  
left upper quadrant.  Normal spleen.  Normal pancreas.  
Normal bilateral adrenal glands.  
Normal right kidney.  Normal left kidney.  
Normal visualized stomach.  Normal small intestine.  Normal colon.  There  
is non-visualization of the appendix.  
Normal abdominal aorta.  Normal inferior vena cava.  Normal  
Normal abdominal wall.  Normal osseous structures.  
My question is.. what is Accessory splenule noted in the  
left upper quadrant?
I have never even heard of this until looking it up. I then noticed it said you are born with it. I have had other CT scans in the passed in fact one just a year ago with contrast for gallbladder issues and the report didn't mention anything about this. I don't see the doctor for a WEEK. Does anyone know anything about this? looking it up just freaked me out because things were saying that it can be hard to differentiate from a pancreatic tumor.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. You asked this quite some time ago and we hope that you have worked with your doctor to get this sorted out.  Is there any update as to what transpired with this situation.

For our readers, here is information on pancreatic cancer. https://www.webmd.com/cancer/pancreatic-cancer/default.htm
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Splenule, or accessory spleen, is a normal anatomic variant.
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