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Pancreatic Lesion

Over the past couple of months my mother has been having pain right below her rib cage.  She has had a very bad year so far as one of her best friends and her sister has passed away and I know it has been working on her nerves.  The pain started right about the time my aunt died (late March/early April). She went to her Dr. last week and told him about the pain she has been having and explained to him how she has been a wreck the past few months because of her friend and sister passing away.  He examined her and told her that he didn't feel any masses and that he thought it was her nerves and that it was a possibility of her having some sort of a stomach acid problem.  He prescribed her some stomach medicine and then scheduled a CT scan as well.  She got the results back today and it said that there was a 6mm lesion on her pancreas.  Her Dr. told her that the lesion was present 4 years ago back when she was having problems with her gallbladder which was removed.  She asked why she wasn't told about the lesion back then and he said that according to the report that it showed up in the previous ct scan but was believed to be benign.  He said that the lesion hasn't grown in the past 4 years which is a good thing.  He said he still believes her problems are due to a stomach acid problem due to nerves,  but he still referred her to a surgeon to have the lesion checked.  I guess my question is, if the lesion was indeed cancerous would it have grown in the 4 years between ct scans?  I'm feeling very paranoid about the situation as my aunt succumbed to cancer and I can't help thinking that it could all be happening again.
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Hi there and sorry to hear of your troubles...I can understand your anxiety.

My husband was recently diagnosed with an iron overload disorder called hereditary hemochromatosis. It is a genetic disease that causes a person to store excess iron instead of getting rid of it. Pancreas and gallbladder two of the most affected organs, right after liver and heart. Cancer is very high in people with iron overload, and drs are constantly misdiagnosing this common disorder. It is getting missed until end stage organ damage, cancer, or even death. Iron overload is extremely life threatening when not detected early and treated. When it is detected early in the symptoms and treated then prevention of disease and death is the result.

Please research the effects of too much iron, and I can assure you, you will be amazed at the connections between iron and so many common ailments we and our loved ones deal with and are diagnosed with, with iron as the leading cause of such diseases.
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