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Pancreatic damage/issues related to iron overload

I need to bring some awareness to this community regarding pancreatic damage and iron overload disease. There are several reasons a person will develop iron overload...my husband, 57 years old, just found out last month he has the hereditary form of hemochromatosis. From birth he has stored excess iron, and he now has stage 2 peri-portal fibrosis in liver, pancreatic nodules and gall bladder disease. Iron loads onto liver first, heart, then pancreas, and joints.

So, it leads to pancreatic cancer, diabetes. Enlarged pancreas.

In liver, leads to liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, bile duct disease between the liver and gall bladder disease, removal of gall bladder. Stones dislodge from gall bladder and create blockages in bile ducts of liver and pancreas. Pancreatitis. Heart burn and acid reflux disease.

IBS from iron being absorbed by intestines.

Heart failure by iron stored around heart.

Thyroid issues from iron on pituitary gland.

Memory loss and brain fog and neurological disorders from iron loading onto brain.

Iron loaded into joints causes arthritis.

www.irondisorders.org for more info on everything from MS to Alzheimer's and iron connections.

I hope this helps someone as we wish we knew 10 years ago when he started complaining about symptoms to dr.s and no one found anything and no one tested for this in spite of classic symptoms. Most commonly misdiagnosed and rarely diagnosed common genetic disorder in N America.

Please investigate if anything above sounds familiar. At least being informed helps us make informed decisions. Early warning signs are the right time to detect this and prevent disease and organ damage.
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