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Please help

About a year ago I started experiencing tingling all ovee my body and upper to some middle back pain also a bitter metallic flavor in mouth constantly and also itching specially on my face also stomach pain with some nausea but not very often like 3 episodes of nausea and stomch pain accompanied by a huge headache.

I manage to control those symptoms with a clean diet (only veggies fruit small protein like chicken fish. Also lots of garlic ginger and probiotics) I recently stopped with the diet and went to all habbits of eating bad (fast food junk food coffee and sodas red bulls) and it seemss like some of the symtomps came back back pain bitter mouth taste. Also while sleeping on back abdomen starts hurting ribcage and left side upper chest. Went to the md did blood test for liver pancreas gallbladder and kidneys ct scan. To show no pancreatic or liver cancer or gallbladder decease prenset all showed negative. Im now 31 years old pain in the upper back has deacrease after takin Amitrityline for a few days now still pain in abdomen still present while lying on back and pain on left side 3 inche down left nipple still there. Headache which caused diarreha and nausea gone. But bitter taste still there too. My md hs assured me no pancreatic cancer or cancer present. I just need to bbe reassured have anxiety im a 31 year old male. Thank you.
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We cannot diagnose here. Hopefully your doctor will be able to  help you wrt future assurances.
May want to ask your doctor o have a chest CT done to see if you have any build ups in the arteries near the heart.
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