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Positive Update

On 14 May 2015 (after 7 1/2 weeks of diagnostics) I received a determination of a tumor in the head of my pancreas.  It was Stage 1B (T2 N0 M0).  19 days later on 2 June I underwent a pylorus preserving Whipple.

On 10 June, a couple hours before going home, got the pathology report. It was a Steg 2B (T3 NX M0) adenocarcinoma. Margins were clear, no other tissue was involved and only 4 of 29 lymph nodes harvested were suspect.

I underwent chemo (16 treatments of Gemzar, preceded by Zophran to combat nausea) from mid-July - mid-December.

I am now 2 years post-chemo and am showing No Evidence of Disease.

My best wishes for a blessed Holy Day Season regardless of your beliefs.
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Hello I'm so happy for you,that is great news! I wish you a long and healthy life.
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That is fantastic news!  We are very happy for you and wish you continued health!!!!
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