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Scared, but also a hopeless hypochondriac - what should I ask my doctor?

Hi guys -

41 yo mail, obese, moderate drinker.  Had adjustable gastric band in 2008 (lap-band), but that hasn't helped the weight too much.  Was having tons of stomach pain after eating off and on for years - finally got really bad in 2013 - lots of blood work, high liver numbers (SPOT/SGOT).  Finally got an ultrasound that showed lots of stones in my gallbladder.  Had that removed laparoscopically in March 2014.  Uneventful surgery, although stones were pigmented.  Doctor said ducts were clear, etc.

I've also been struggling with an anal fissure that won't heal for about five years now.  I've finally gotten some relief by taking Miralax every single day as prescribed by a GI doc.  It keeps the fissure closed, but tends to upset my stomach and bowel habits.

Started getting pretty painful GERD - right up the esophagus to the back of my throat about 9 months ago.  Took omeprozale occasionally to help, and it did.

About six months ago started getting very infrequent mild pain right under my left ribcage - didn't think much of it, as it comes and goes sometimes weeks or months apart, and it's very mild.

About two months ago, started getting a gnawing intense pain upper center abdomen if I didn't eat during the day - seemed like the hungrier I was the worse it got.

Went to primary, got stronger omeprazale - 40mg twice a day.  That seemed to fix the bad center abdomen pain.

However, occasionally, still have pain under left rib cage, and also pain when I drink water seemingly inside my stomach - and also pretty much exactly where my gall bladder would have been (I think).

I do have light colored stools when I take my miralax regularly, and sometimes after work trips (lots of client entertainment, big meals, booze) I have oily stools.

No jaundice, only dark urine when I don't drink enough water.  One other symptom is almost constant flatulance and lots of stomach gurgling.

Question is, based on what I've read here, I suspect my doc will say it's not pancreatic cancer and send me on my way.  However, being a hypochondriac and a certified Google doctor, what tests should I ask for to rule it out so I don't worry and hopefully get the right treatment for my GI problems?
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Just have him run a CMP and CBC with differentials. If anything is abnormal, it will showup in these panels. Also, given your history, you likely have a fatty liver as well, and this can cause cholestatic issues by itself. Good luck and hope all is well.
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Thanks for the comment.  He did an amylase, lipase, and hepatic blood test.  All was normal.  I went for an endoscopy as well.  Endoscopy showed some inflammation in the stomach, but everything else was normal.  PPI meds have made the heartburn go away, but now every time I eat, I have mild pain where my gall bladder was and on the upper left, where I think the pancreas ends.  The pain is very mild and only right when I eat - almost like the food itself is irritating something in there.  It's very odd, and I'm still convinced I have pancreatic cancer.  :(
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