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So F'ing scared. Please read/help

From the anxiety I suffer from... I don't have an appetite. I'm not eating right then I feel weak like i'm going to pass out. I'm so f'ing scared because just today started getting stomach and abdominal pain and my (this is embarrassing) stool has been getting light in color. Is this liver or pancreatic failure? I heard it is a symptom of something serious. Like the big C in the pancreas? I've been getting bloodwork done but don't know if it can detect the big C in the way of the pancreas or not. What would you guys recommend? What test could detect it the best way? A CT scan? I had my bile duct/liver and pancreas checked out via bloodwork and the Dr. didn't say anything...I take it as it came back ok but why the stomach and abdominal pain? Can anxiety cause this stomach and abdominal pain? Can anxiety or being on Zoloft have changed the color of my stool? If it's pancratitus is that curable? I heard of a person dying of that.Please any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi mrscaredtolivescaredtodie240. Please don't jump to the cancer conclusion. It sounds like you may be suffering from an attack of Pancreatitis. There are many tests to confirm or deny this. Blood tests can show some markers for Pancreatitis and well as CT (CAT) scan, ERCP, (They put a tube with a little video camera down your throat and look around while you sleep) or even an abdominal ultrasound. Pancreatitis is a serious disease that demands immediate attention. A trip to the Emergency Room should yield results. Just don't suggest to the ER staff that you think you have cancer if you have nothing to back it up. They may dismiss you as being a nut. Tell them your symptoms and let them make the decisions for testing. They will probably order blood drawn as well as a CT scan of your abdomen. Worrying about the disease can cause an increase in the abdominal pain and just make things worse. Again, this is not something to play around with. Get it checked ASAP, but unless you have some valid reason to believe you may have cancer, don't worry yourself sick thinking about it. Good luck and may God bless you.
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Hello there it_sux_2_be_me! Thank you and I think you are right about not jumping to the cancer conclusion. I do suffer from health anxiety and am known to be paranoid about this stuff. I did just get bloodwork done and had him check my pancreas for cancer. Would pancreatitas show up through this bloodtest? Uh oh, I'm scared about this now! =/  Is pancreatitus curable?
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I'm so sorry to post again but yes I didn't completely get this answer. I'm freaking out and now i shouldn't jump to the worst case scenerio about pancreatic CA but can't completely help it. As of today i'm getting the abdominal pains back again They're mild but still unsettling as they're ranging from the center to the left and the lower abdomin as well.It is scary. I'm losing weight but haven't exactly been eating a whole lot either...so that kinda makes sense . I'm getting the itchy skin which is a symptom of it but have what seems to be severe seasonal allergies so that makes some sense. So if not pancreatic CA or pancreatitus what else could this be? I do suffer from anxiety and also get ALOT of chest pains all over my upper chest sooo I dunno. Sorry to ask more questions but I do not want to assume the worst but still am. Are these diseases curable? I've seen so many people die from CA or beat it and it comes back. :(:(:( On a more positive note...A success story!!! :):):) My grandma had CA in her reproductive system and she almost died from it but they successfully removed it and she never had it again and she ended up living into her 60's...it was COPD or emphazema from smoking that made her pass away.
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