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What could it be?

My Dad in the past 2 or so months has been to our local doctors for numerous tests. He has had a CT, MRI and a biopsy. The biopsy came back negative. They say his pancreas is calcified. However, the doctor does not want to rule out cancer, so he is sending him to a specialist at UNC Chapel Hill. Basically our doctor here "doesn't know" or isn't certain.

Dad's only symptom is pain in his upper abdomin. No jaundice, no weight loss, nothing of those sorts. He did take a CA 19-9 marker test and the levels were elevated. But again, the MRI and the biopsy found nothing.

I just cannot wrap my head around our doctor here "being confused" with the results.

He goes in tomorrow, I guess I'll find out. I don't know any professionals I can ask. So, here I am.

What does it sound like?
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I don't know about that crazy bunch in Chapel Hill (I'm a Duke guy) but an endoscopic ultrasound examination might be a good next step to help figure it out. It may be as simple as chronic pancreatitis which frequently leads to calcifications in the pancreas.
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I am posting various comments to people on this community because my husband was just diagnosed with hemochromatosis, genetic, and his drs were confused for 10 years and found this by accident. Liver enzymes elevated. Nodules on pancreas. Stage 2 per-portal fibrosis. Arthritis in joints. Every symptom imaginable...iron overload is the most commonly underdiagnosed and misdiagnosed common genetic disorder in N America.

Read all about it on www.irondisorders.org.

I continue to be amazed and dismayed at what iron does to the body and all functions and systems therein.

Take care, and best wishes for your Dad
Agree. Hemochromatosis is commonly underdiagnosed. However, this can be seen on MRI abdomen imaging.
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