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Worryied My Father could be really sick we lost my mother to Cancer

My father (68yr) will be getting an untrasound tomorrow.  I just wanted to know if it will show if he has Cancer? OR should I push him for a MRI?

My father has had pains on his left side (3 years now).  He has had ultrasounds done and blood tests (over these years) which have been normal.  He does this because his father died of pancreatitis Cancer many years ago and for that reason he is careful.  

We lost my mother to Brain Cancer May 4, 2012.  For that reason we have been heart broken, not eating much the loss of losing my mother.  Before we lost my mother from July towards January my father put in (himself) all new hardwood floors and was doing house reno like crazy (he likes this). This also explains the weight loss.  

Mind you now and again he had that pain.  It seems at night or during the day stabing pains on and off.  

I'm scared my father could be really ill because of the weight loss (mind you) with all the home reno and losing my mother could be a reason for the weight loss.  

I’m in grief losing my mom (my best friend)  I don’t have anyone else here (cat and dog) we were a close family.  If I lose him I don’t know what I’ll do…I lost my best friend already.  I hear this type of Cancer is painful I just saw my mother die of Brain Cancer which spread to her other organs.  

Any advice to make sure if it’s cancer (what test can they do) so they will find it?  He’s been having tests for years for that it’s been ok.  
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