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can i rule out cancer?

Hi, im 33 years old i have mild, reoccuring upper right abdominal discomfort. along with increased belching, gurgling stomach and lots of undigested vegetables in my stool. I was on aciphex for years because of gerd but was switched to dexilant for gastritis. I have had the belching and gurgling for about 4 months and the upper stomach pain for almost 2 months. i am very regular with my bowel movements (once a day) so i dont see how it could be ibs. these are the tests i have done so far: chest xrays (normal), ekg, cbc, liver and pancreas enzyme blood tests (all normal), upper gi series (showed some thickening of rugal folds), upper endoscopy with biopsy (mild gastritis and gerd, negative on celiac and h pylori), gallbladder ultrasound (normal), ct scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast (normal), and colonoscopy (normal). I am scheduled to have a hida scan with cck this week. My question is with the tests i have had can i safely rule out any cancer of the organs in my abdomen (pancreas, stomach, liver ect). thank you
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Cancer would be a very remote possibility. The HIDA is a good move.
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Thank You Doc!
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HIDA with CCK can rule out biliary dyskinesia and/or low gallbladder ejection fraction.
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