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diagnosed with gerd scared it could be pancreas related issues.

I went to the ER with chest pains. Full story was I suffered a panic attack during it which I felt was a heart attack. The symptoms of the panic attack apparently were worse than my scary heart Charlie horse sensation . I had blood work and an ultrasound of my gallbladder they said it looked like a polyps on it but nothing concerning. The blood work I assumed was about 5 tubes but m not sure what they tested. They diagnosed me with gerd. Since then my complaints are a nerve pinching feeling from my lower left ear lobe following down my jaw to the soft spot in my throat above my esophagus then following down my esophagus left side down to the end of my sternum where my ribs end at the center of my chest. No heart burn really but upper bloating in stomach followed by lower abdominal bloating. My chest feels like it has to crack and my upper back does also. After I eat my heart rate feels elevated and a lump feeling in my throat. Im on a double dose of prilosec with no help. Im 27 no heart burn beside my two pregnancies. Do not get sick often Im 5'1 about 135 lbs. I feel nauseated and light headed recently under some stress. I feel my symptoms are somewhat bothering and affecting my work. Is this at all signs or symptoms of pancreatic problems?
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No. That would be a really long shot.
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iron overload disorder causes iron to load onto heart and and causes many of the symptoms you describe. I am trying to spread the word about a little understood and rarely diagnosed common condition that affects so many people and they don't know it and the dr are missing it until too late or damage extensive.

At least rule it out, as you research hemochromatosis. My husband was diagnosed a month ago, he is 57 and spent 10 years trying to figure out with drs what was wrong.
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