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still scared about pancreatic cancer

Im 34yr old male with Urq disc.&occ floating stool for almost a year. my gastro and primary gave me following tests: normal stool tests(checked everything even fecal fat but not the 72hr one),abdominal and pelvic ct scan w/ contrast (normal),colonoscopy (normal),ultra sound of gallbladder (normal),hida scan (normal), cbc (normal) chest xray (normal), metabolic panel (normal),upper endoscopy (biopsies negative but diagnosed with gerd and mild gastritis).  now just had yearly physical and everything was fine. Nobody seems concerened but me. the only answer i get is ibs (but im not D or C) doesnt make sense to me. been to both therapist and physciatrist for hypochondria (everyone says its in my head). i feel like i exhausted all my options.     WHAT I NEED TO KNOW IS CAN I FINALLY RELAX ABOUT PANCREATIC CANCER?
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