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Symptoms of anxiety

Hi, over the last couple of months I have been feeling really exhausted and tired even on days where I do very little, i get so exhausted I start to shake and feel like im going to collapse.  The doctor told me this is just a symptom of  my my anxiety. I was just wondering if anyone else feels like this, as i have had anxiety and panic attacks for years and have never really felt like this before. Even on days where i dont feel too anxious I will get this exhaustion. I had lots of blood tests last month and they all came back clear.

Please Help, this is worrying me!
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trust me i have been struggling with anxiety for almost four years now and being tired is always apart of my symptoms sometimes i wonder if i will evey  feel energized.
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I have been dealing with anxiety since a very young age but now, entering adulthood I have started getting very tired all the time even if I'm barely doing anything.  Also in the mornings I have an extremely hard time getting up an always fall back asleep no matter how much sleep i got before. Being exhausted is definitely a symptom of anxiety, its probably because we keep our minds so active with constant worrying and craziness that we overexert our mind which makes us tired and completely exhausted.
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