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3 week old has been awake for 4 hours! Help!

Hello, so our 2 week + 6 day old has been awake for 4 hours
While I  hold her, she is great! Just looks around.  Once she starts to go to sleep, i put her down she will sleep for about 5 minutes then she starts screaming   not crying,  I mean screaming like someone is hurting her. but once I pick her up she's fine. I have tried her swing (which she loves) , her bassinet,  her bouncer, even her crib!!

It wouldn't be a big deal if it were during the day. But it's 1 am! My husband won't get off work for another hour. Omgees!!  

We have two other children I had to bath, and do ones hair for school tomorrow,  between that,  cleaning,  cooking earlier,  and stopping in between to pick her up all I want is to shower and sleep!!

I have even tried just letting her cry (I had to pee) let her do this for about 5 minutes and she started getting horse in the voice so of course I picked her back up. Please oh please help!!  Would love to wash my butt in some hot water and sleep!!!  

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Well,  I'm not quite sure what "I'd love to wash my butt in some hot water" means,  but my first baby was sleepless.  He'd wake up at midnight,  and I'd walk with him and plug in a DVD of Gone With The Wind (a 3.5 hour movie) and he'd just be awake while I stood and rocked and rocked and stood.  Forever.  He's now 27 years old and fabulous.  This too shall pass.  
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