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7 month old refusing all vegetables

I have a 7month day boy who has completely gone off his veg. He ate them before, may not have been completely fussed but still ate them. Now I'm struggling to get him to swallow the. He will the first mouthful or 2. He'll happily take his fruit and rice and cereals, but now we're at the stage where he should be moving on to chicken. I have tried that mixed in and it can be hit or miss. I am really anxious about it. He opens his mouth but instead of swallowing he just keeps his mouth open and let's it fall out. I offer him water and it seems to be the only way I can get him to swallow what's in his mouth, so I know he can... He just won't. I feel awful then for feeling so frustrated by it. He also has milk allergy so I'm limited to what I can offer him. I do give him finger foods, though whether he eats it or not is another story. Has anyone any advice? My older son took to everything like a duck to water so all this is completely new for me. Thanks in advance! X
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Try not to be anxious, first.  Kids sense that believe it or not.  It can cause undue stress over the whole thing and leads to anxious kids in the long run.  Remember, kids for the span of time have had their own eating issues and grow up to be healthy, happy adults (and some, eventually fat and happy, ha ha).  Since he has a milk allergy, you might consider consulting with a nutritionist.  I love that specialty. They are a wealth of information and ideas.  I had one child who was not a meat eater.  Still really isn't.  We just worked on protein in whatever form.  Will he eat smashed beans?  Baby food meats are kind of . . . well, they don't smell good.  It's okay if you figure out what he likes and give it to him over and over.  I'd speak to his pediatrician.  And . . .  a common patter is for kids to eat their vegetables but at right before age two, for them to decide they hate them and not eat them.  Happened to my kids. One is not a picky eater at all.  He came back to eating his vegetables at age 4.  The other has never like them.  Things like cantelope  have similar nutritional value as vegetables so don't get caught up in the fact that he has to eat X to get all the nutrients he needs.  Does he like oatmeal mixed with fruit?  Try mixing something he likes the oatmeal with say some carrots.  Get creative.  
Unfortunately I have to be very careful breakfast cereal wise, as most are made with milk, which he can't have. Dietician was useless. Get more sense out of the dog. Pediatrician wasn't much more use. I'm trying everything. I've actually went bk to baby rice again and mixed the dinner in with that. It seems to work.... For now. Just do not know why he went off it and it is frustrating. Thank you for the response though!
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So, I just read this.  How is it going now??  
Hey sorry only seeing this now. So far we have made excellent progress. Felt like I was hitting a brick wall but I dabbled with different flavours and textures. Some he liked some he didn't, but we've agreed with good old favourites like chicken dinners and sausages, spuds, veg and even baked beans. He's happy when I set some out for him to feed himself (sometimes he does... Then again sometimes not) but I be sitting patiently with the spuds and gravy to shovel in between mouthfuls, so I do feel like we're making great strides. He's even starting to tolerate bigger lumps too so I'm definitely a lot happier!! Thanks for asking!
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