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Activities you can do with a newborn to get you both out of the house?

Maybe we can start a list for places you can go and things you can do with a newborn to help get new mama's and babies out of the house.  It's an overwhelming time and some people have no problem getting up and going and others feel kind of trapped at home (and need some ideas of where to go do things that are baby friendly.)  
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Maybe a park to walk around...
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Wall Around the mall in a/c.
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This isn't a destination,  but a tip.  One of the things that seems overwhelming about leaving the house with a newborn is the preparation.  My practice was to have two diaper bags (I used backpacks,  doesn't have to be an expensive diaper bag) packed and ready to go.  One was an "excursion" bag.  For a trip to the mall or a friend's house or somewhere that might take hours.  That would contain 4 diapers,  wipes,  a small towel for a changing pad,  spit up rag,  extra outfit, a bottle of water and a nonperishable snack for me. One section of the backpack was my purse.  Wallet,  pen, small make up bag, phone.   If you're bottle feeding you'll need those supplies.  The other smaller backpack is for a walk with the stroller  from your home.  Spit up rag, sun hat, bottle of water for me, transfer your phone from your excursion backpack just before you leave.   Pack these and have them ready at night so that doesn't add to the long list "to dos" before you can leave the house.  You're ready!
You are a pro Rockrose!  You give the best advice.  
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