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Bathing a baby

hi I went to one of my classes yesterday and they said that you can't bath your new born baby with baby productions for the first month can only bath then twice a week for the first month and head to toe every day

Has anyone else been told this xx
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The only time reason not to bathe every night is it may dry their skin out and they don't really need it, but I know mom's who do it every day. Some babies are sensitive to soaps or lotions but my babies weren't and I used cool lotion multiple times a day to wake my newborn for feedings. Years later none of my girls have a skin issue! I wouldn't say that is true for most babies just keep an eye on how baby reacts to lotion or soap.
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Wow, that's new to me. When I had my first daughter 8 years ago they just said not to fully submerge her until her umbilical cord came off. They said to sponge bathe her everyday or every other until then. The nurse  even used Johnsons shampoo when giving her a sponge bath at the hospital. Idk...
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They used baby soap on my baby in the hospital and sent some home with me. They did tell me not to use any of the night time, or other scented baby products until he was 6 months old. They also said to just do sponge baths until his umbilical cord came off. And they did say that his skin would dry out easily so he didn't need a bath every day and to use baby lotion.
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My hospital recommend only water in the bath (no products?) And to bath every 2-3 days but honestly you will find it may not work like that for you. I bathed my daughter every night because it settled her better. Its not an issue aslong as you keep bubs skin moisturized
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You might be interested in doing some research on some studies and articles lately that recommend no washing at all (aside from dry wiping the blood and amniotic fluid) for hours or even days (up to 2 weeks.) Since baby doesn't get dirty and is born with a coating of vernix, its starting to be recommended to leave baby's skin alone for a while so it maintains the antifungal and antibacterial properties of the protective coating they are born with. Its an interesting concept.
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With both of mine so far, they wanted me to wait until the next day to bathe them (there's so much happening that first day anyway that it would just be another thing.) The hospital gave me Johnson's head to toe baby wash, which they recommended using starting with first bath. They recommended bathing once a week unless situation called for more (major blowout, etc). They also recommended bathing in deep water (kitchen sink) as opposed to a shallow baby bath, as this makes it less likely for baby to get cold while wet. It's actually totally fine to bathe before cord falls off, you just don't scrub the area, and you make sure it's dry when you're done (blot, don't wipe). And if you need to clean the cord area, you use a wet qtip. As for lotions, the Aveeno Baby stuff is very good, and can be used on newborns.

Your hospital should teach you how to bathe your baby before they send you home. Best practices change sometimes, so if it's close to the end of your stay and they haven't taught you how to do it, you should ask.
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I was told by the nurses at the hospital to sponge bath until the cord falls off. After that, i can bathe him regularly in a tub/sink
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Ya it has to do with the umbilical cord that's all
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I give my babies full baths from day one. I use a baby soap to wash them from day one also. I use shallow water to bathe baby until the cord falls off (that way it is easier to keep cord dry) after bath I clean the cord with alcohol. The alcohol helps to keep cord from getting infected and helps to keep it dry. They do not recommend the cleaning with alcohol anymore in some places but with my third daughter I was following the new recommendations of my hospital and not cleaning with alcohol and the cord got all red and leaking a smelly pus like it had gotten infected. I never had a problem with my first two so I started cleaning with alcohol and the infection dried up. I cleaned the rest of them as I normally did and never had another problem, keep that in mind when they give you discharge instructions (not all the advise they give will work for you, does not make it bad advise but no advise works for every newborn.).

My advise is keep cord dry if you decide to bathe baby and do what works for you and your baby. The advise of a class you take or discharge information may not be right for you or on the other hand it may work perfectly for you. No one can tell you the right thing to do they can only give you advise on what they have experienced or think. If you want to wait to bathe your baby then do it or if you don't like the thought of your baby being dirty then bathe. I have never had a problem with the bathing and it worked perfectly for me.
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I second what organic mama says! They really don't get dirty and I'd hate to wash that baby smell away. I couldn't stop smelling my nephew when he was born in june... it's intoxicating! I did bathe my first every few days but it was more so due to family pressure (family is annoying I just let them win these things). They also say the baby lotion is actually drying. I also wouldn't use Johnson and Johnson or any of those... they don't need a bunch of chemically crap to get clean!
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They told me to use olive oil lol for the first month top and toe everyday then bath them twice a week, but I bet most of you ladies don't listen to their midwifes do you ?? Long as your baby is heathy and clean that's all that matters surely
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