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For those of you who are having boys, What's your feelings on circumcising? It's a 100% personal choice but just want to know everybodys opinion on it!
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I'm very scared I don't want him to be in pain but I'm definitely going to have it done
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Yeah I'm not doing it, I just feel like it's not my body to make those choices plus it's not necessary. It's mostly for appearance. My ob said circumcision prevents AIDs so if he's gay then that's something he will need to get done when he's an adult but it just doesn't seem to not be the right choice for us.
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I agree with Gracex; we left it so he would not be hurt, and he will decide if he ever wants it done.  It is less common to do it than it used to be.
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I had my son circumcised, was hard at first, but he's doctor told me to give hem some Tylenol, and he was fine. Tomorrow will be a week since it was done and he act like it don't bother him at all.
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My both sons had it n it was worth it .it can protect from infection it doesnt hurt too much if the child is in his early days n recovery is way too quick
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I don't find it necessary to get my son circumcised. Its only more hassle to heal and takes away more of the pleasure nerves. It was started by religion in the first place to try and lower the pleasure to lower the man's interest in sexual conquest, but how can you miss something you've never had the chance to feel the difference of?
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We have a son and we plan to get it done. Studies are saying now that it increases the pleasure and sensitivity for the boys. Not only that but I work in the health field and so many times the men who were not circumcised would come in and they never cleaned the area well. To me that is dissusting. It also increases the risk of urinary tract infections and swelling of the penis and testicles.
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My son slept through his. They numb it and it's a much cleaner thing to have it done. And saying it's not my body???? It's ur baby u need to speak for your child
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I didn't have my son circumcised. I saw no medical necessity for it. It was an unnecessary procedure in my eyes.   I keep him very clean and plan on teaching him the importance of personal hygiene. I don't see an issue with circumcising though. It's personal preference.
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