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Circumsized ? Do or dont do ?

Mommies with boys... Did you get your little one circumsized ?
How did you have the guts to do it?
How long were they in pain for?
How did you do it ?
My son is 5 days old and I want to but I dont want to get my son circumsized.. I dont wanna see my son in pain and I dont know if I'll be able to take him. My hormones have been wild and I dont wanna be an emotional wreck and I know I will. But I dont wanna be thinking I'm cleaning him right and I'm not and he catches an infection?
I really need advice on what to do....
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Hello,  I did it for my son when he was 40 days old. And I know a lot of people have done for ther sons when they were 2-7 days old. There Is a lot of new techniques now. The ring method or by laser its pain free . I did the ring method it takes less than 5 mins the doctor will put small ring around its organ and  within one week all the extra leather will be removed by it self . It will be dry and fall. Within 5-7 days. Pain  for the baby will be only within the 1st 2 days it will cool down quickly.  Only during peeing  other than that the baby will be fine.   We believe that the younger the better. All you need is a good doctor to decide when and which method he will apply depending on the size of the organ and the strength of the baby as well.  Dot worry it's so simple.  Best of luck, take care.
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I'm having a boy and I plan on getting him circumcised
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You most definitely shouldn't, I never did with my son because doctors don't even reccomend it anymore. Its cosmetic and people do it just cause they think it'll be easier theirs been no proven benefit and just pain they cause to babies who don't need it, people say oh I wouldn't want them to go through it later in life because it's painful but will put a newborn through that? Very sick to me. , Theyre born with it and its no extra work. We don't cut off pieces of the vagina to make life easier because we need it all like they need what they were born with, my doctor even said less and less people are circumcising theyre babies so the next generation you will see way less circumcised. If you watch any video of the procedure done you will see it is pure torture for no reason. - had to re write my comment cause as you can see it was messed up when it posted.
Well everyone has thier own opinion. I had my son circumcised when he was 6 because of the fact that his foreskin didn't pull back all the way and he would ALWAYS end up getting infections so i went ahead and did what was recommended by the doctor and ever since he has been doing fine no more infections and no more pain it had to be done in his situation
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I didn't do it with my son when he was a newborn and i saldy regret it :( i thought he would be ok aslong i showered him and pulled the skin back well years later he got constant infections his foreskin didn't pull back all the way so he endes up getting circumcised at the age of 6 and he was put under anesthesia he did fine the worst part was getting the bandage off it had got stuck to his skin and the stiches :( i left it on longer then i should have because i was afraid of hurting him while taking it off but i would so recommend circumcision on your new born it just makes it alot easier kepping it clean and all and you can soak his private in water to loosen the bandage :) when taking it off
Rule of thumb for intact kiddos "when intact don't retract". The skin will naturally separate. Pulling it back can cause tearing and problems down the road.
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I'm having a boy due in October and I'm getting him circumcised.  It's just a touchy topic for everyone. Against it or for it. There are pros and cons to it but with the right information and the guidance to help with the decision. Honestly talk to your doctor or talk to the person who would do the circumcision as they will give you a better insight for it
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hey, I have a 5 year old boy at this point.  never got him circumsized,and he is doing fine. I've seen mothers do it and the little ones going thru so much unnesecery pain. Speak to your child's pediatrician and also do research online to ensure you make the best decision ! good luck
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