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Eye colour

My baby is 12 weeks he was born with blue eyes as all babies are. I have green/grey eyes and his Father brown. My son's eyes are starting to get lighter! Is that a sign he will have my colour eyes? Just curious ! X
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My dad and my sons dad have green eyes and i have brown eyes...but my son has hazel eyes.
First they were blue/grey. Then changed to blue/green. from there like añ olive green and eventually around age 3 they turned hazel.
My daughter has brown eyes..and now wondering what colored eyes baby #3 will have.
Oh wow they changed until 3 years old !! Wow.. I wonder too !! My baby's eyes are getting lighter by the day so I am excited to see what colour they'll be haha. These little things make me excited.
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All babies aren't born with blue eyes.  ;D  Only caucasian babies.  

If you have green eyes,  all bets are off with your baby's eventual eye color.  Could be anything.  

Haahaha sorry lol. My partner is Arab though. I thought that automatically would make my baby dark. He is as white as me and I am super white and have green/grey eyes haha
Someone told me all babies have dark blue eyes when born though lol obviously they were wrong ! Lol
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He may have your color eyes all babies have six to nine months into their eye color stabilize
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When I was in hospital with my son the nurse said all babies have blue eye and they finally settle at nine months
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