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Feeling overwhelmed

I just had my beautiful son on Nov 30 th! And already he is sick! My baby was taking to hospital 3days ago. And I found out he had RSV it's a viral affection u get from being around someone sick.  My daughter had a bad cold and I assuming he got it from his big sissy which is only 1 by the way but it's sad because how do u tell ur 1 old to stay away from there baby brother.  And I'm doing everything in my power to get him better and by me doing that he needs a lot of attention and my baby girl is definitely feeling some way.  How do I balance it.  Has anyone gonna through this.  Please need opinion
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What a coincidence! I actually just got out the hospital yesterday because my newborn that is 3 weeks also got RSV
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What a coincidence! I actually just got out the hospital yesterday because my newborn that is 3 weeks also got RSV. I felt really bad because he is so little. I live with my in laws and they have a family living here temporarily and the little girl had bronchitis. My baby must of got it from her. I feel bad but you know what God has kept me strong and positive and I know everything will be alright. Just be the best mommy you can be to your kids and all you can do is love on them and take good care of them. Ur a superwoman! It will pass and your babies will be alright.
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Really??? Why did they do for your baby? They gave my baby inhaler with a mask.  And when he was at the hospital they gave him a breathing treatment.  What all did they tell u.  I feel like they should kept my baby to help get better.  Because not only he has rsv but he is out where he get other things
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Yes:/ soo, they did three test. He developed a fever and thats why we took him to hospital the 2nd time again bc first time we went he didnt have fever or anything so supposedly it was normal that he had a little cough n congestion.so they said if he develops fever to come back.they did Spinal tap, blood work, and urine test. All the cultures came out okay but blood work showed RSV positive. So they admitted my son and they had him on antibiotics before they found out he had RSV I guess for precaution. Sorry I wrote this backwards, (like not in order). Soo they checked his vitals every 4-6 hours I can't remember the time frame. And they kept deep suctioning his nose. Which BTW that is so important to do! Make sure you keep suctioning. Dr recommended something called nosefrida which actually works so much better than the regular blue bulb suction. Its odd the way it works but it does the job so much better. Make sure you do it before every feeding and apply saline drops prior. Its helped so much!! And they had him on oxygen at the hospital due to the congestion. They didn't give us a face mask. I guess BC his oxygen improved? We have to follow up I'm one week to our pediatric dr. Trust me I felt the same way! I wasn't feeling right after leaving after two days but I prayed and I knew if they were letting him go was BC it was okay to leave. Me and my bf have been keeping an eye on him. And he has been better.
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Spinal tap??? Wow your lil one has been through a lot.  I am so sorry.  Well they didn't do a spinal tap they just got a sample from his nose and he tested positive.so then they gave him a breathing treatment they and waited and check his chest to see if it was caving and sent us home with inhaler with a mask . And yes I am most definitely awhare of the suctioning.  But what is nosefrida?? Never heard of it.  Saline works wonders I agree.. my son pediatric says its gonna take 3 weeks for the rsv to go away: ( it breaks my heart to see him waking out of sleep to breath.  We can get through this.  Thank you so much for the comfort.  Sorry to hear about your lil one.
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Hello ladies
My baby just turned 6 weeks today. He's been so congested and no sleep for us. Nursing has been so difficult too. I had a cold about two weeks ago and so did his dad. What is an RSV ? I called his Dr. Today and they told me to keep using saline drops and and suctioning the mucus out and if it didn't get better with in 10 days to take him to the Er. I did order a "nose Frieda nasal aspirator" target has one so I'm still wating for that to arrive. Should I be super worried ?
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Rsv is a virus babies get By being around sick ppl.  U can get from someone coughing sneezing etc.  Well it's a serious for babies and very common. Just Google it and it will give u a lot of information about it. yeah just continue to saline him and get him humidifier.  Every once in awhile sit in a bathroom with the water hot so he can breath in the steam
Keep ur head up. Yeah see ur Dr n have him get tested for rsv
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If I were u I would take him to the hospital.  Its better for them to catch it early before it gets worse if it is rsv.  Trust me they will put your baby first before anybody else that's there. Thats what happened to me.  I went and I only say down for 5 mind and they called my son up no did test on him and gave jhim breathing treatments right away
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I've made an app for both of us hopefully he's okay and doesn't have an RSV. Good luck to you as well :)
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