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Jaundice in Newborn

So, I just had my son on Tuesday and they were going to discharge us today but his bilirubin came back too high and they said he was dehydrated. So, now I'm still at the hospital as a boarder mom while my little man is under the lights and on an iv. And I can't stop crying. They only let me see and hold him for feedings which is just not often enough. I feel like he is going to be scared without me and think I don't love him. So I was wondering how long it took under the lights for your baby's  jaundice to go down enough to take them home? His count was 14. I'm hoping tomorrow but I have nightmares when I sleep that they won't let me take him home. To make matters worse, my fiance had to sleep at home tonight because he has to go to work tomorrow so I've been sitting alone in my room since 7 pm. I'm so alone and sad and scared and I can't sleep from the nightmares. Any reassurance would be wonderful.
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He's going to be fine. The hospital wouldn't let anything happen to him. Babies get jaundice, it happens. Maybe talk to your fiance so you can feel better.  
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Its fine! Breath ! Relax ! Same happened to me, right when we were filling papers out to leave theh were like no hes too high it was at an 11 & then they checked again and it was 13. But they got blood work done and everything seemed fine. Baby will be okay, and he needs mom to be okay too. Youre not alone.try getting some rest because when you get home you get much. Good luck !
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It will be ok mummy! Its very common in newborns. My son had it for about 3wks after birth. They let him go home after a week and said that it will continue to get better with every feed as it helps flush it through his system. You are doing the best you can right now. Hang in there!
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I was freaked out as well and so upset my son kept getting his little toe poked for blood. But the werid thing my son was at 17 and came home with me. I just had to give taking him back to get his blood drawn. But dont worry moma you'll be home with your baby in no time .
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First calm down and dont worry i was the same My second son was born with jaundice i had him via csection. I was in the hospital for 4 days so he was under the light for those 4 days. When it was time to leave  i got all my stuff ready and my baby and they told me he had to stay until tomorrow because the doctor wanted to keep him to make sure it wouldnt go up again....i was sooo devestated i didnt want to leave him i felt like a bad mother. I started walking to the car and just broke down crying all the way to the house. The next day i woke up so early and went to see my baby and he was fine. They let me take him home a few hours later.  Just think that the nurses and doctors want ur baby to be healthy. Dont worry that soon ur have him at home with u. :-)  Good luck mama
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Thank you all so much! You are absolutely wonderful! His bilirubin was down drastically today and they're thinking that I can take him home tomorrow if it stays that way. I'm enjoying lots of cuddles with him today. Thank you all so much for your kind words!
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Ur welcome and happy u he will be home soon with you and family
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my little guy also had a high count of 14. it wasnt until we were home though that his color suddenly looked yellow. we were given a bililight and he was on it 24/7 for 4 days. that was my choice though. he probably could have been taken off on day 3 but I wanted to make sure his levels were lower! he's at an 8. your baby will not think you don't love him. in fact he is so young that he won't even remember being under the light! just remember its there to help him and he will be better in no time :)
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