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Do all newborn babies have a slight bit of jaundice ? I hear they do. My baby boy has a slight tent of yellow. When I left the hospital they said he did but it should go away within the next few weeks if I keep him by a window with sunlight shining on him. The thing is, I live in the south. And we haven't had much sunlight. It's been raining everyday. I was also wondering if it has to be sunlight or it just has to be day time?
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Just day time. The sun can still get through the clouds. Good luck.
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Thank you! It worries me everyday. I have in front of the window everyday. Good to know, because we have more storms heading our way tonight and through tomorrow. So hopefully it's not too dark during them.
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It's okay my son was born with it too.. they told me it was a breastfeeding thing that all breastfed babies wind up getting it.. weird.. but it went away within a week or so. I live on a really busy road and my son was born during the cold seasons and the window in our room was blocked by trees so we never even put him in front the window or to get sun light... it just got better on its own.
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Not all babies are born w.Jaundice. Iguess just try your vry best to put the baby by the window for the longest u can during daytime.
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Either you must be having a a different blood from your partners or your baby might have got exposed any infection that causes jaundice. This happened to my cousin and she was kept in the incubator for about a week although I live in a country that has sunlight.  
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And make sure her eyes are tied as the light that comes from the incubator might be harmful to her vision. Just talk to a pediatrician rather than waiting.
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Its more common in breastfed babbies because they dont have as much going through their intestines to flush everything out. I wound up pumping,  giving it to him and then let him have formula until he was satisfied. He also had to go on a special bed that helped him to break the stuff down. It's also why their poop is that tarry black stuff.
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We had to get blood work done. His bilirubin levels cane back normal. We just have to do 15 minutes in front of a window in the morning and evening. God's good ! I'm so happy it's nothing serious
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