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breast feeding or formula?

How many moms formula feed since baby was born? I'm trying to mostly breastfeed but it's becoming painful and hard so I'm thinking about formula feeding but it kind of scares me
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I never gave breastfeeding a chance due to work and health. My 2 year old is happy, healthy, and never had a single issue!
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Do both and pump
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I chose formula too with both my kids( 2 year old & 2 weeks old). I didn't wanna breastfeed because I plan on going back to work in 2 more weeks. But don't be afraid my 2 year old is 100% healthy never had breast milk. My 2 week old is 100% healthy and growing perfect and she's on formula. So don't be afraid to try it.
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i heard it's hard at first, but if you stick with it it becomes more bearable. i haven't had my son yet, but i plan on breast feeding him before i try bottle feeding or moxing formula in it.
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Its really hard and painful at first. But I did both with my first and I plan on doing the same with this one. I always pumped and fed her through a bottle. And when we were out of the house I would formula feed.
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My son is going to be 1 years old, and he has not had once ounce of formula. I pumped and was giving him bottle, but stopped cus he wasn't wanting the boob so I stopped pumping and giving him bottle.I kinda got scared cus my son was losing weight so I had to drink mommy's tea t
And it helped with my milk supply. It really isn't hard it takes time and patience, I am now 17 and 5 days with second baby and I am going to breastfeed and have him on a bottle its more easier when in public :)
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Breastfeeding is very painful at first. My nipples would bleed and get so chapped. My daughter will be 5 months on the 1st and have breastfed het since day one and will continue to breastfeed her. The pain will go away. I promise you. It's so worth the pain.
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I breast fed for the first 2 days but she wasn't latching on right and she ended up destroying my nipples. So the lactation consultant told me to wait till I healed up to try again. It took almost a week and when I tried to breast feed again I wasn't producing anymore. I really wanted to breast feed but my baby is just fine with the formula. Also with formula my husband gets to help feed her.
I think you should keep trying with the breast feeding because its better for the baby. Try putting lanolin on your nipples to help with the pain. If the pain gets too bad talk to a lactation consultant.
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You're not alone! I have a 5 months old boy and since day 1 I'm breastfeeding him. The first days were pure frustration.... I din't have enough milk (I had a c-section) and he started losing weight which is kind of normal but even after the first week he wouldn't gain any at all. My midwife told me to feed him every 2 hours as long as he starts to gain weight proprely. It was hard. I was exhausted, my nipples were so sore when he latched I had tearsis rolling down. BUT. After  a few weeks -after my nipples healed- it became soooo easy and convenient. And now my boy weighs more than 18lbs and wearing clothes for 1 year olds. Ok, daddy is a tall guy I have to admit ;)
If you can - if you have enough milk try to bf him because that's the best for our babies. However if you can't, formula will do too - it's your decision. I don't know if you've tried, but for me the pure lanolin creams worked pretty well (e.g. lansinoh).
Good luck :)
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